Do You See What I See?

The cherries are starting to ripen.

Both Ben Blair and I grew up with cherry trees in our yard. And we both have parallel memories of cherry pit spitting contests. Cherries feel like summer. What are your summer foods?

23 thoughts on “Do You See What I See?”

  1. this changes almost weekly with what is coming out of my garden… this week it's strawberries and peas, and the last of our delicious lettuce. I love eating from my garden, every thing just tastes better when you grow it yourself.

  2. Watermelon: I always pull the trigger too early and buy an underripe one in early June.

    Corn: I was only just introduced to it Mexican-style, with chili, lime juice, butter and mayonnaise. Like I died and was eating in heaven.

    Tomatoes: I have sworn off buying any "imported" winter tomatoes. Right now I have two quart jars full of ripe homegrown tomatoes – one is salsa, the other is an Italian-type marinated salad. Ahhhh, the only good thing about summer is the food.

  3. things from my granddaddy's garden: lots of different varieties of tomatoes, beans, squash, watermelon, and ice cream we'd take turns cranking.

    when i was in high school (boarding school) there were cherry trees on campus. now that we have our own house, i really, really want a cherry tree in the backyard.

  4. Corn on the cob, and we used to eat it raw, it was sweeter that way.
    I also used to eat the peas right out of the shells without picking them off the vine. So when my dad would go to pick peas all there was was empty pods still on the vine.
    We had a hazelnut tree as well and we ate so many of those. I will always remember smashing them open with a rock up in our tree house.
    That's summer to me.

  5. make sure you pick them before the birds eat them! that has happened to me for the last two years. :(

    summer foods for me are corn on the cob, sorbet, watermelon, cherries, peaches, tomatoes, zucchini, and mexican food!

  6. Here in Ontario we have a lovely, yet very short, cherry and strawberry season so those are a favourite at the moment. I also love corn on the cob, pink lemonade, fresh basil from my garden which becomes pesto and any kind of BBQ's burger…preferably with cheese.

  7. I never had fresh blueberries growing up. I hadn't even tasted them until 5 years ago when my mother-in-law taught me how to make blueberry jam. Since then, I've beena ddicted. Now, there's nothing like buying a huge 2# container of blueberries and eating them all in one sitting (with help from the kids of course!).

  8. Watermelon straight from the truck of the guy who just picked it on his farm. There was a man who came to our neighborhood every summer when I was a kid.

  9. Every summer when the blueberries come out my mom would make a blueberry tart called a Kuchen. So delicious! And every August a local farm sells delicious corn in these little green huts stationed all over town. We definitely look forward to August:)

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