Recycle Old Jars into Succulent Planting Pots with Color-Block Twine

Block-Color Wrapped Jar Pots for Succulents | Design Mom

Block-Color Wrapped Jar Pots for Succulents | Design Mom

By Gabrielle. Photos by Amy Christie for Design Mom.

Craving spring? February lasting just a bit too long (Hello, Leap Day!)? Well here’s a happy, easy project to bring a little sunshine and color into your day.

These little twine wrapped planters are perfect for brightening your home. I like the idea of a collection of them on the coffee table, or perhaps lining a windowsill. And they would also be darling as party favors or anytime gifts. Another idea: I can picture these as place-setting holders — you could hang the name name cards from an extra length of twine.

wrapped-jars 11wrapped-mason-jars 12

However you choose to use them, you’ll be glad you made this easy project! Amy Christie shot the gorgeous photos for these pretty little pots. Here’s what she has to say:

I live in Minnesota and the weeks of “acceptable winter time” have passed. We’ve now entered “it needs to be spring immediately” time. We’re getting there but it’s slow progress. In the past week, we’ve experienced sunshine and gray skies, rain, snow flakes and frost. So I’m trying to channel my inner springtime by filling my home with living things. Succulents are my favorite and so simple to care for. All the variations are so cute!

wrapped-jars 9

I love to tuck succulents into little jars. I always seem to have a variety of sizes laying around because I wash and save empty jam jars, pickle jars, and peanut butter jars, knowing I’ll be sure to find a good use for them at some point. And this is the perfect sort of project!

To make them really pop for spring, we wrapped them with colorful jute string we found in the craft store. It’s really easy and they are easy on the eyes, right? : )

wrapped-jars 16.1wrapped-jars 10wrapped-jars 14

Let’s get to wrapping.

wrapped-jars 2


– various colors of string like twine, hemp, yarn, jute
– white glue – Elmer’s or Modge Podge
– glass jars (or containers from the recycling bin)
– scissors
– old container or bowl
– optional: wax paper & tape to cover your workspace
– optional: clear coat spray

wrapped-jars 3wrapped-jars 4

First things first. Soak the stringing material in the glue. It’s important that the fibers are soaked in the glue so they will stick when wrapped.

wrapped-jars 5

Choose two colors of string. Start by looping each color, separately, a few times around the whole jar like in the image above. Doing this will prevent the two colors from separating down the middle.

wrapped-jars 6

Continue by wrapping the top half of the jar with one of the colors. The thickness and cover is up to you.

wrapped-jars 7

Finish by covering the bottom half with the other color. Make sure to tuck the ends in and then set it aside to dry completely. An optional step is to coat the threads with clear coat to further protect them from dirt and water.

wrapped-jars 15

Fill the jars with soil and a cute plant or two!

wrapped-jars 8wrapped-jars 13


Oh my goodness. They turned out so cute, Amy! Thank you for the gorgeous photos. I think this post is a sign that I need to add to my succulent collection.

I’d love to hear from you, Dear Readers. If you think of a cute use for these pretty wrapped jars, I want to hear it!

P.S. — If you like to make things, we have tons of awesome projects here.


Credits: Images, styling & text by Amy Christie

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