Real Estate in France

Sometimes we daydream about buying a house here. We imagine renting it out as a vacation home, and maybe living in it for part of each year. Sharon recently told us about this property:

It has 5 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms, sits on 2 acres and has outbuildings. It’s priced at about $300,000. Are you tempted?

The idea of owning and renovating a house in a foreign country sounds amazing and terrifying at the same time. What’s your take? Would you ever look at property in another country? If you’re curious, we like this site for searching.

P.S. — Speaking of real estate, our House Hunters International episode re-airs tonight. See schedule here. Or you can find it on YouTube.

79 thoughts on “Real Estate in France”

  1. We watched your Househunter episode Friday night here in Denver. Your Family is wonderful, I loved seeing the kids run to the playhouse. But with everything you have going, why did you and Ben look so sad and down during the show ?

    1. Hah! We laughed when we read this, JB. Didn’t mean to look sad and down. We’re delighted and very happy about our life. Thanks for the reminder to smile more.

  2. watched your house hunters episode without reading this and was so excited during the episode (even though I knew which one you chose:)- they were all so beautiful! I was enamored by the old school house!

  3. oh design mom!
    i already thought your family the loveliest but seeing your amazing, engaging, loving episode last week i’m even more family-blair-smitten! what a fabulous & fun family you have, and what an inspiring couple you and your sweetie are!

    woohoo! thanks for being so great.

  4. I found you! Well, your site that is…I’ve had a deep-seated desire to move to France for many years, and between watching your episode a number of times, and then seeing Midnight in Paris, you’ve so inspired me (and surprisingly, my husband). Can’t wait to follow your blog and I hope you post more about living there. Congrats for your courage and thank you for sharing a bit of your heaven!

  5. Since my husband and I both speak Italian and lived there, we often talk about this too! It would be so wonderful to buy a small villa in Italy and renovate it. If we did, we’d definitely live in it part of the year. I think it’s a brilliant idea!

  6. I’m confused I thought you guys already had the details of living at LeC worked out before you moved there?

  7. Y’all are so cute!!! What a fun episode of HHI! What a fabulous choice in house…however, it was kinda not as fun knowing which one you actually picked! Hehehehe.

  8. Is that 300,000 in US or Euros? Considering that I live in DC where a house that size would be about 2.5million but in Albany, where I am from, that house would be about the same price. Either way, France is looking pretty good right now.

    Don’t tempt me, Gabby!

  9. Finally got a chance to watch my DVR’d airing. It was wonderful seeing all the beautiful places in France, especially the pastry counter! Although I think your rental is gorgeous, I have to admit my jaw dropped seeing the kitchen in the “Chef’s House”, drool. I would love to be able to move overseas some day, I think it’s such a great opportunity to give your children. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. I’ve had HGTV on all day and your episode of House Hunters just came on! I recognized you from your blog! What a charming family you have. :)

  11. I was on your site looking at your great friendship bracelet post and I noticed the house in Normandy that you are renting, how funny, I just saw that episode one day last week. It was my favorite HH Internation episode. Just thought it was funny that I recognized the house and it was such a weird way to find your blog. I love all your ideas.

  12. I was watching House Hunters International the other day and your episode came up – I missed that you all had been on the show and the entire time I kept telling my mom and sister that you all looked so familiar! I finally said, I swear that man is the husband of a blogger I follow and that baby looks just like her youngest. Then they said it was the Blair family! I thought it was so funny to recognize someone on the show!

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