Portraits of Fourth-Graders Around the World

Portraits of 4th Graders from Around the World Portraits of 4th Graders from Around the World

By Koseli. Images via Taxi.

Photographer Judy Gelles traveled the world to take portraits of fourth graders and ask them three questions: Who do you live with? What do you wish for? What do you worry about? The resulting photos and responses are as candid and frank as an interviewer could ask for —and so sweetly child-like. It’s also interesting to note that a common thread among the responses was an emphasis on their own family. How wonderful is that?

Portraits of 4th Graders from Around the World

18 thoughts on “Portraits of Fourth-Graders Around the World”

  1. These are beautiful. The top photo reminds me of a documentary I just saw, “Somewhere Between”. It follows 4 girls who were adopted from China and what their lives are like now. Some want to find their birth parents, some do not. Their journeys and stories are remarkable.

  2. I loved how there were no faces to these pics. The words were the faces. But the last one made me a bit sad….wanna give her a big hug. <3

  3. What incredible portraits! I love the powerful simplicity of the kids’ words and how it is augmented by having their backs are turned to us. My daughter is a fourth grader; these make me wonder what she would share…

  4. This has inspired and touched me more than anything else I’ve seen/read over the last couple of weeks.

    Thank you for sharing.

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