Olive Us: Lemon Waffles

By Gabrielle.

Have you seen the new Olive Us episode? It’s fantastic! And a totally different concept than we’ve tried before. All thanks to our oldest son, Ralph. It was his idea, and he directed and edited the footage. Very exciting! I’m betting your kids will love it. And you too! It’s short and cute and really fun.

Olive Us: Lemon Waffles. On set.Olive Us: Lemon Waffles. Behind the scenes.

We first showcased this episode in the Olive Us newsletter last week and it’s getting such a fun reaction. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. Feel free to share it with someone you love!

P.S. — Fun fact, since Olive Us launched, we’ve made 47 episodes total. You can find them all here. Subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to see upcoming episodes!

16 thoughts on “Olive Us: Lemon Waffles”

  1. Great work Ralph! It’s more like an animated film! My son makes animated cartoons and he’ll love it!

  2. Lovely episode, the unique thing that bothered me was the music… Maybe because I am very old and I liked more the classy and yet warm style of before! Great work, Ralph!

  3. Loved this video! I will definitely show this to my husband tonight. He’s a big gamer and I think he’ll find this really cute :)

  4. This is awesome – love the family participation – love that your son found something he is passionate about. Looks like you have some fancy equipment, but what advice would you give to kids who want to try something similar with just the equipment available to them (ie. phone video or ipad video etc.)

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