Olive Us: Episode 3: Lemonade Stand

Would you like to see the next episode of Olive Us? In this one, Olive is having trouble getting customers at her lemonade stand. Find out what happens when she brainstorms with her brothers and sisters!

Once again, it’s something completely different from the previous episodes. This is our most scripted video yet — where the kids get their first chance at reciting written lines.

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Once again, a big thank you to Pottery Barn Kids for sponsoring our first 3 episodes!


Lemonade Stand Props

Trestle table, green stripe umbrella, red chairs, nautical banner, toy tiger, wire basket, veggie apron, red lantern — all from Pottery Barn Kids.

Red check tablecloth and short straws from Intermarché.


Olive’s red tennis skirt and Maude’s denim dress from Kayce Hughes.

Oscar’s cropped pants and robot t-shirt from Polarn O. Pyret.

Betty’s red pleated skirt, Ralph’s shorts and red tee, Oscar’s red sneakers from Zara Kids.

Betty’s embroidered top from Yumi.

June’s polka dot dress from Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Mini line for Target.

Ralph’s shoes by Superga.

53 thoughts on “Olive Us: Episode 3: Lemonade Stand”

  1. These videos make my day! What a wonderful memory you’re helping to create for your children. Thanks for the smiles…

  2. This is my favorite one so far because the sibling cooperation/collaboration really shines and each of their personalities come through. (Also, it reminds me of how it was with my own childhood lemonade stand!)

  3. this is my favorite so far! i loved how their love for each other really showed. my favorite part was when oscar said that he just wanted regular lemonade. he cracks me up.

  4. My children (3,2,2) LOVE to watch Olive Us. As soon as the opening credit music starts, they coming running.

    I can only hope to aspire to raise my children as good as you have yours.

  5. So, the response from my kiddo was “WHERE is Baby June????”. Hehe. Honestly, the kids are all wonderful on film. Kudos! Nicely done. Can’t wait to see the next one!

  6. Oh, so MARVELOUS! I loved it all and really tasted the lemon along with
    each one. Delighted that Oscar did not grimace. Reminded me of our Bobby when he was little and loved lots of vinegar on his beet greens!
    Relieved that the enterprise and the entrepreneurs succeeded!! Thanks MILLIONS and
    CONGRATULATIONS on a wonderful episode!!!

  7. Wonderful! My son (age 3.5) and I watch each episode together. He says the Lemonade Stand is his favorite so far. :) And, if I may add, Olive is a beautiful girl!

  8. Chantelle Thomas

    Super cute! My favorite part is all the kids making sour lemon faces but Oscar is all “whatever”.

  9. Maybe it’s just me, but when I click on the links above, I don’t see where to go to actually watch the video–am I missing it? There is a big white box on the page which is where I’m guessing the video is supposed to be, but there’s nothing there. FYI for you in case there’s a technical glitch, and if the error is mine, please let me know, because I’d love to watch!

    1. Just an update–I was able to view the video tonight on my Mac, as opposed to the PC I was using earlier–not sure if that was the issue, or if it was something else you fixed in the interim. Anyway, I watched it with my kids, and they loved it (as did I)!! So many wonderful moments, and the music is always just perfect… :)

  10. The Lemon eating reminds me of my own family; my husband and son can eat a whole lemon no problem while my daughter and I grimace at the thought! Lovely video!

  11. Lemon faces are priceless!! Our kids loved it!! And dad was the first to buy, how supportive. We are entering winter here, if it wasn’t for that the lemonade stand would be working now. This series is great, keep them coming, congrats!

  12. My little girl said it was her favorite too. And now I’m in the mood to make fresh strawberry lemonade with the strawberries we picked from the garden today.

    Know what it reminds me of? When a bunch of us got together to make “commercials.” Do YOU remember that? I wonder if mom still has that tape somewhere……

  13. I loved the part where June puts the random plastic tiger on the table.

    One of the earlier comments questioned what had happened to the living with kids theme, but I have to say I feel like these demonstrate living with kids at its best. These little films are a sweet reminder that while, as parents, we have the responsibility to foster a spirit of creativity and cooperation in our families, this responsibility does not have to be overwhelming. Whether we have access to perfectly styled props or not, most of us can manage a lemonade stand, a potted plant, or cooking with our kids. Great job, Blairs.

      1. stealing that idea. we have a big lemon tree in the backyard and “eating lemon” portraits would be beyond perfect for over the kitchen table.

  14. This is such beautiful work. Even the way the colors were coordinated is so inspiring…I loved all the red, white, and blue. I’m with all the other commenters who loved that Oscar didn’t even blink when he bit into the lemon. My lips are puckering just thinking about it!

  15. Love it, especially all the gorgeous primary colors in the clothes and props. Oscar has the “it factor” for sure and Baby June with her sweet curls and tiger stole.

  16. Toby and I watched it three times in a row. At the last time, I gave a narration– after this long of reading your blog I’ve gotten pretty good at naming your kids by sight.

    My favorite part was Oscar’s non-sour face in contrast with everyone else’s sour faces. I had next-door-neighbors who loved to eat lemons, just as Oscar does. Even as a kid I thought they were crazy, and it makes me laugh every time to watch Oscar go get another lemon and sit back down.

  17. MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know I’m totally late to this episode but I had to tell you how awesome it was.
    Olive is especially wonderful (and her big brother too). The lemon biting sequence was completely adorable. Yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!

  18. LOVE these… great series… ADORABLE beautiful, funny kids I feel the concept would have succeeded as well without voices… that part seemed a touch stagey to me took it away a bit from the dreamy ageless feel.
    Still terrific though keep up the great projects

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