Olive Us: Episode 15: Christmas Tree Hunt

By Gabrielle.

In episode 15, inspired by last year’s family photo shoot, the whole bundle of Blair kids go on a hunt for the loveliest Christmas tree they can find. Consider it a little video greeting card just for you. : )

Happy Holidays from All of Us at Olive Us!

For those who are curious about the clothing sources, most items were sourced from our own closets or here in our village, but if you like Oscar’s handsome outfit (see it in full after the jump), you’re in luck! It’s from Tea Collectionsweater, pants, boots.

P.S. — You’ll have to read this post for some funny behind-the-scenes info about the trees. : ) 

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9 thoughts on “Olive Us: Episode 15: Christmas Tree Hunt”

  1. I am always pleased when a new Olive video appears…and enjoy reading and seeing the “behind the scenes” photos and videos.

  2. It’s a cute and lovely video. But no car seats and kids in the trunk? I believe even in France that’s not legal or safe. I hope you guys were not going too far.

  3. The children look all lovely in their holiday clothes and your adventures are always fantastic. I can’t help but say it : that picture of June is priceless. Maybe you should consider blowing it up in size and hanging it in her room or giving to her as a birthday gift when she turns 3 :)

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