Olive Us: Episode 12: Rock Climb

By Gabrielle.

A new Olive Us episode is ready to share!

Have you ever rock-climbed? Our kids love to. (Especially Maude — she scrambles up the mountain like she was born doing it.) As parents, it’s really satisfying to watch our kids challenge themselves, work hard, take risks, and encourage each other to reach the top. I hope you enjoy the episode!

Fun fact: We were scheduled to film this episode in the red rocks of Southern Utah with rock-climbing guidance from my brother. But we were rained out! So we rescheduled and filmed in Provo’s famous Rock Canyon instead. Special thanks goes to Audrey Moore for assisting on this episode, and to Rich Barrett for being the climbing teacher/guide.

P.S. — Video won’t show up for you? Try viewing it on Vimeo.

16 thoughts on “Olive Us: Episode 12: Rock Climb”

  1. Cute! My kids went to a rock-climbing camp for the first time this summer, and it was so cool! I myself am a bit of a chicken, so I love encouraging my kids to start learning to do these kinds of things at a young enough age that they will hopefully gain courage, persistence, and physical confidence and understanding of their bodies’ capabilities. It’s something my husband has that I lack…I just want my kids to believe that they really can do anything, they don’t need to be intimidated by any type of experience…kind of the same open minded thought that I also think is encouraged by international travel, etc.

    Just my 2 cents! I’d love to know more about your kids’ experiences with climbing :).

    1. “they don’t need to be intimidated by any type of experience”

      I really like that thinking. And I really like how you think hard about the parenting you’re doing. It’s inspiring!

  2. this made me weepy for some reason, which i totally did not expect. something about the courage and strength (physical and otherwise) that was so apparent. thanks for this one.

  3. Rock climbing was a very life changing experience for me as a teenager. I learned a lot about who I was, what it meant to push myself further, and to be ok when I didn’t always reach the top. I went on to get my degree in Outdoor Education and Environmental Science. So thankful for those special adventures in my young life. I love that you encourage this in your children it will really shape their lives forever.

  4. oh. i love rock climbing! i started doing it as a little girl and do it every summer in the italian dolomites (reccomend), but i missed the last two because i was travelling a lot. oh, this video made me miss it so much. i love the faces of the kids, even if they are not scared, they know they’re doing a difficult thing, which always makes you feel a little nervous. the video is beautiful!

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