Living With Kids: Kirsten Grove

By Gabrielle.

Kirsten Grove is one of those friends and fellow bloggers who never fails to amaze me a little, all of the time! Whether she’s speaking in front of a packed room, sharing her brightest “I never thought of that!” ideas on Simply Grove, or talking about how she turned a tragedy into a fairy tale in her own life, she’s a natural. At complete and utter ease, ready to make you feel the same way. It’s no surprise to me that her home exudes the same level of comfort. Enjoy this one, Friends!

Q: Tell us about the stylin’ family who lives here!

A: My husband of 12 years, myself, Ethan who is seven, Eden who is six, and our dog Bear make up our household. My husband has been a minister for ten years, working with young people mostly. He is also an amazing artist, graphic designer, carpenter, musician…the list goes on! He doesn’t admit to any of it. I married a humble gentleman.

All four of us love design, music, the arts, shopping, and eating great food. We were all made for each other! Eden and I missed out on the athleticism gene, but the boys more than make up for it. We also all have a deep appreciation for popcorn with cheese and M&M’s!

Q: How did this home come to be yours?

A: We were living in a small town 20 miles outside of Boise. It was a bit too far so we decided to sell and move closer to Shane’s work and family. I found this house we are currently in on Craigslist. It’s located in a small golfing community, which is perfect for us because my son has decided to become a little golf prodigy.

The house itself is open, neutral, and easy to work with, which was important to me since I am constantly changing things around. It’s also only a few minutes from the kids’ school and has the biggest, most beautiful trees ever. It’s a win-win for us!

Q: After you moved in, what was the first thing you did or decorated to make it feel like home?

A: The very first thing we did, even before moving in, was we painted most of the interior bright white. This is a trick I suggest to any new home owner. Paint before you move in! We also covered some of the existing sponged wallpaper, which was not my style, with temporary wallpaper.

Because it is a rental, we can’t do anything permanent. Lucky for us, our landlords are awesome and usually love my ideas… even though they really like their wallpaper designs! I also covered the dining room walls with fabric.  It was a “middle of the night” decision that I ended up really liking.

Q: Your beautiful son and daughter are adopted. Can you tell us how they came to be yours?

A: When Shane and I started dating, I had to tell him about my past, which included a tragedy that happened to me when I was in junior high. It involved a medical malfunction that resulted in leaving me barren. I would tell you the entire story but it’s rather long, so I’ll keep it at that.

When I told Shane my news, he responded just like I would want my future husband to respond. He rejoiced that we could adopt and that the children we adopt would be as much ours as if I birthed them myself. I have had that same thought since the day my life changed 18 years ago.

And now I have the two most beautiful, amazing kids that make my heart hurt with so much love. Both of my kids have different stories of how they came to be ours, and both are total miracles. We had just adopted Ethan six months prior (at birth) when the news of Eden came about. By the time Ethan was 14 months old, Eden was in our lives and we had a double blessing!

Q: How do they affect your style? And what’s your personal philosophy on living with kids?

A: My personal philosophy is live comfortably but don’t lose your style. I never really child-proofed my home. I just raised them to appreciate and value their surroundings.

I love mixing whimsy with modern, and having kids makes that possible. We have a plethora of throw pillows in our living room, and I love when Eden arranges them how she thinks they should look. It gives the house character and lets her use her design senses.

Of course they can’t get away from interior design so I might as well encourage them to help me! I’m also a clean-freak and my ship is run a certain way and they know it. I don’t expect perfection but I don’t accept sloppiness.

Q: What’s your best source for finding treasures for your home?

A: I have major favor when it comes to Craigslist and thrifting! One day I will document all of the awesome finds that I have purchased for next-to-nothing. Every room in my home has thrift finds.

My husband and I are also major DIY’ers. I don’t blog much about my DIYs, though I probably should. I just figure when it comes to my DIYs that I can do it myself and not have to pay someone to do it for me. Except for sewing. I can’t sew! Well, maybe pillows…

On my radar right now? I see spaces filled with unique color palettes. I am an advocate for white walls because they create the perfect backdrop for color.

Q: The last thing one of your kids added to your home…

A: My kids love to paint and draw, as most kids do, and every day I find art taped up on walls, doors, closets…everywhere! I am in the midst of creating them an art line where they can attach their day to day art without taking over my house.

Q: Describe your favorite room in your home.

A: When I’ve had a long, stressful day, I tend to hibernate in my bedroom. It’s such a peaceful space that gets tons of natural light. The walls are painted in a soothing pale blue, which at first I didn’t like but then it started growing on me. I have to force myself not to work in my bedroom and use my office.

Q: What do you hope your design choices and emphasis on daily style is teaching your own kids? What do you hope they remember about their childhood home?

A: I want my kids to remember that no matter what the economy looked like or what Mommy and Daddy’s bank accounts looked like, that they always lived in a safe, joyful, and warm environment.

I want to create an atmosphere where it’s easy for them to dream big and be the happy kids that they should be. For me, design is important because it teaches that we can love what we have, appreciate what we have, and be happy with who we are.

Q: Please finish the sentence: I wish I had known…

A: I wish I had known how to write html code in my younger years! Life would be easier.


Thank you, Kirsten! Your style seems so effortless. This walk through your home caused me to reach out a few times and try to feel all the unique textures through my monitor! That fabric wall in your dining room is equal parts “I can do this!” and “Can I do this?” which is always a sign of stellar inspiration.

And I would like to add, your grace and positivity in the aftermath of a devastating event inspires me more than anything and makes me proud to call you my friend.

P.S. — You can find all the homes in my Living With Kids series here. And if you’d like to share your own home with us, just send me a note! It’s a lot of fun…I promise!

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  1. What a sweet story! Adoption always pulls at my heart. Bravo to those who take this path — either by their own choice or because of cirumstances — and provide a wonderful home to children who need one.

  2. “I want my kids to remember that no matter what the economy looked like or what Mommy and Daddy’s bank accounts looked like, that they always lived in a safe, joyful, and warm environment.”

    That is simply beautiful. Thank you for this, Kirsten and Gabby!

  3. her blog is one of those blogs that when you visit every week, you take something special, or pin something immediately. She’s so simple in her tastes, yet they are always dramatic in the most clean way possible! So cool of you to feature her!

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  5. I’ve been a reader of simply grove for a very long time, but I loved this article because I’ve learned so much more about Kirsten! And I’ve never seen her dining room before, the fabric is awesome!!

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