First Day of Fall

Welcome Fall! I’m so glad you’re here. I love this season. The clothes, the colors, the temperature. Yummy, yummy and yummy. What do you think fall will be like in Normandy? I’m crossing my fingers that the trees will be gorgeous.

I was looking for good leaf-y pictures and found an old post about our family hike in the Catskills. It was 3 years ago and the kids are so little! I could hardly believe it. I think fall makes me nostalgic.

Just curious: Do you prefer to call it fall or autumn? I feel like I had a decade where I was preferring autumn, but lately I’ve found myself saying fall more often.

22 thoughts on “First Day of Fall”

  1. I say ‘fall’…i don’t think i have gone through an autumn phase…maybe I mix it up from time to time.

    I can’t imagine raking all the leaves in my yard this year, being so pregnant. Still, its one of my favorite chores!

  2. Fall is my favorite season! I even like to rake leaves! Last Friday, we had the perfect weather to go and watch a high school football game. Chilly, not too cold.

  3. Hooray for my favourite season! This morning in English class, I was wishing my students happy autumn & was quite surprised when they insisted that it was still summer. Hmm. Apparently fall starts on Friday September 23rd this year. Zut! I still made a point of telling my students that they could say either “fall” or “autumn”. They chose the 2nd option, since it’s so close to the French word, of course!

  4. I love fall, too. Definitely my favorite season. I’m probably crazy, but I’m actually wishing it would hurry up and cool off more here. I just love that cool, brisk weather when you can break out a jacket and sweater :). Probably because of the association with school starting, but fall always seems like the fresh start/beginning time of the year for me, rather than spring.

  5. I always love the change of seasons, and the transition from summer to fall is no exception! (Although I think fall technically doesn’t start ’til Friday…)

  6. Fall makes me nostalgic too. I always associate it with the beginning of my relationship with my husband, we started dating in late September and by early October we were ‘engaged.’ To this day when we start slipping on the long sleeves and pulling out the down comforters I can’t help but think of those college days cozied up in sweaters.

  7. Hey hey hey, not so fast! According to the powers that be, fall begins on the 23rd this year. We’re soaking up the last couple days of summer here, but also loving the beautiful colors in the changing northern Michigan leaves.

    I love the word, “autumn,” but it usually doesn’t pop out of my mouth like “fall.”

    1. Oh my goodness! I just read the same thing on Twitter. I had no idea the date could move from the 21st. Too funny! Enjoy your last two days of summer Ashlea. You can come back and read this post on Friday. : )

  8. Loved looking at the Catskills pictures again….besides looking so obviously more grownup, the kids look more “sophisticated”….(for lack of a better word), but they look more complex and interesting (they’ve always been adorable).

  9. I love this season too. I use both words interchangeably and often confuse my children because our babysitter’s name is Autumn. I, too, adore the term “autumnal” and used it the other night in an otherwise boring email. ;)

  10. So sad…I know A LOT of people love fall…but not this Florida Girl in Paris ;-(

    It makes me sad because I know the sun will be hiding for months on end lucky we have a trip planned to Florida in Feb (to show off the SOON to be Baby Girl TN…just 4 more weeks or less!)


  11. Fall/Autumn in France sounds gorgeous. All the people around me say “Fall”, so to avoid sounding odd, I tend to blend in. I think autumn is a prettier and more fitting word for such a wonderful time of year. I will be spending my first Fall in U.S. Northeast. I’ve been happy and lucky to live in places with all four seasons.

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