Newsletter: Hello From An Airplane

I wrote my latest newsletter from a plane, on my way to California. (I’m still on the plane as I write this post!). I took the photo above a few minutes after we left the airport. Flying always feels like a miracle.

In the newsletter, I shared a list of things on my mind (just like my Random Thoughts posts), and I shared a link list (just like my Few Things posts).

I hope you get a chance to read the newsletter and let me know what’s on your mind too.

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6 thoughts on “Newsletter: Hello From An Airplane”

  1. Can you say more about the vaccination situation in France? The US was in such bad shape for so long, it’s still surprising to me when positive COVID cases are spiking elsewhere and/or vaccines aren’t nearly as available as here. I’m in the Pacific northwest and we’ve reached the point of vaccine demand declining because all adults who want it have mostly all gotten it. It’s not that I don’t believe the situation elsewhere, it’s just such a departure from how things have been.

  2. Hello Gabby, meeting your kids will be amazing, I’m happy for you.

    About the vaccine, you should get a dose if you make a stop in Paris, it’s quite fast; check the site ; you can either get an appointment (even in your area, in Normandy), or be on the list if an appointment is cancelled or there is a dose that needs to be used, it’s the Chronodose part.
    I got vaccinated 3 weeks ago, I’m 48 and my husband has an appointment next week (he’s 47). Hope you get yours asap (or in th US).
    Safe travels!

  3. The J&J vaccine is available upon request at the Santa Clara County Fair Grounds. It is likely also available in Alameda county. I’m in Rome now but plan to get the vaccine when I’m back in California for a visit this summer.

  4. To steph: today 30% of the people are vaccinated in France, still a long way to go until we reach 60% which is supposed to be the first significant goal. Very précise info on

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