Love The Place You Live: Apple Juice Farm

For this Love the Place You Live column, I’m writing about Domain de la Galotière. It’s an apple and pear juice farm about 25 minutes from our house. This region of France produces wonderful apples, pears and all the related products like juice, cider, and a strong drink called calvados. Fun fact: this is the only region of France that doesn’t produce wine. No grapes here, it’s all about apples in Normandy.

The farm couldn’t have been more charming. Every building was made from half timber construction and the whole place was picturesque — down to the friendly dog. The inside of the shop was filled with jams and bottles and baskets and everything you might expect of a country farm. We ended up buying 6 bottles of apple juice and 6 of pear. Confession: we bought the juice on Saturday and we’re down to 1 bottle of apple and 3 bottles of pear today. It’s really good!

I know I said this last time, but I want to say it again: It’s working! Love The Place You Live is working!! Saturday was stormy and crazy and there was definitely part of me that didn’t want to leave the house — but I did it anyway, because I wanted to find something great for today’s column. I’m so glad I did!

The next Love the Place You Live post will be Monday, May 21st. [ Update: Actually, it’s Monday, June 4th. ] I hope you’ll get the chance to do something local between now and then, because I’d love to read your writeup! I’ll try to remind everyone a few days before. : )

P.S. — I forgot to bring our bigger camera, so these images are all from my iPhone.

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24 thoughts on “Love The Place You Live: Apple Juice Farm”

  1. you’re making me miss my time in France. I lived in Rouen for a year after college, and I loved Normandy, especially all the apple products. cider, calvados, chausson aux pommes…enjoy your time there!

  2. I agree that it’s working! We probably would have stayed around the house on Saturday, had I not read your reminder on Friday about today’s post. Instead, we had a fantastic day, hanging out together and doing something new.

  3. We went to a calvados factory when we were in Normandy. It was so pretty with the big wooden casks and lots of brass everywhere. The only thing is I dont’ really like calvados and would rather have been able to sample and purchase apple or pear juice. That looks like a lovely farm you visited.

  4. Love normandy apple farms – my host family had one and so did just about everyone in town! Calvados goes really well in apple based desserts too. There are also tons of cheese farms in normandy – places like Pont l’eveque which would be good for a visit. i bet you could also get one of the ladies from the apple farms (or again, just about any lady in Normady) to show you how to make a first class tarte aux pommes – there is nothing like it for dessert!

  5. It’s working for me too! Yesterday I wanted to laze around the house doing nothing but knowing there was your “Love where you live” series it got me out of the house, to Milan and wandering through the streets full of design installations. Thank you!

  6. What a wonderful post series!! And your phone takes beautiful pictures :) I’m excited to find local ideas to inspire me between now and May 21. Lincoln, Neb. is no France, but we have some fun local gems :)

  7. This Love the Place You Live series reflects a big part of my blog. It’s a central feature, really. I do a “Kid-Friendly” series, finding good toddler spots around DC (and a few other locales nearby). I also do “Adventure Days” with my son, where we strike out someplace new here in DC in search of something interesting to do.

    I’m a full-time stay at home day in a small one-bedroom basement apartment in the heart of DC, so getting out and enjoying our neighborhood and the greater city around us is critical to my sanity.

  8. I love this idea! I live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth – Vancouver, BC, Canada and really should share it more often with the world on my blog. Great idea! :D
    PS I did add a link above from the gorgeous Seawall around Stanley Park. ENJOY!

  9. I did my first LTPYL post today! I’m still not sure how to do an urban version of this yet, but I’ll figure out a way to focus on the details soon. A challenge!

  10. Love these photos! I’m using my iPhone 4S for photos a lot now, but can’t seem to get them to turn out this well – must be the filters you’re using? Or just that luscious French scenery, perhaps!

  11. I love apple farms, and apple farms in France? I’m sure I’d like that even better!

    My link is sort of a reverse, in that we usually are on the go & out and about around Southern California. But this weekend, I was glad to be at home and really appreciating my home & where I live.

  12. I adore farms – they are so picturesque and beautiful places to take photos.

    My link is the Dune du Pyla – so magnificient and really fun. I still can’t believe we are living only 40 minutes from it! Thanks for your – “Love the place you live”. – It’s definitely an incentive for exploring the area.

  13. I buy two bottles of fresh pear juice every week from a darling granny at the farmers’ market – I love shaking them and watching the sediment swirl. And the taste! There is something so indescribably delicious about unpasteurized juice.

    I’ve linked up with the whimsical festival my city (Utrecht) throws each spring in honor of culture, music, and urban community. It’s a trip!

  14. I messed up my link and forgot to add title. I thought it just meant my 1st name and would take the title from the blog post. Is there a way to fix it (I’m #54, and it should say “What’s happening HERON Boise” after my name)?

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