La Cressonnière: Summertime

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This morning I took a walk and happened upon a very yellow, very fall leaf. It was only one, but it reminded me that fall will be here in a few short weeks. Before it arrives, I thought I should make a visual record of what La Cressonnière looks like in the peak of summer.

Fruit is everywhere. Apples and walnuts have weighed down the tree branches — they’re so low they almost touch the ground. Flowers aren’t quite as plentiful as they were in the spring, but the roses made a second appearance after disappearing in July. Lavender and honeysuckle scent every path of the garden. The apples will be ripe in a few weeks and we have one small pumpkin. The grapes look glorious even though they’re far from ready — I hope they’ll be delicious.

8 thoughts on “La Cressonnière: Summertime”

  1. Thank you for sharing! I haven’t seen foliage like this in Texas since May (max!). Ahhhh, being outside… how I do miss it!

  2. The picture looks SO FAMILIAR. Since our Van Nuys neighborhood was built among the trees of an abandoned walnut grove, we had eleven trees on our property, and everyone looked just like that in late summer. They were perfect for climbing, and in the fall we gathered nuts and swept a million crunchy leaves. The aroma, when I run across it, makes me nostalgic.

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