La Cressonnière: Springtime

A few months ago, I gave you a photo tour of the exterior of the farmhouse. But as you can imagine, Spring has totally transformed it. So I thought I’d show some of my favorite images of La Cressonnière in bloom. These were all taken over the last 2 months.

There are more rose bushes than I can count. Huge peony bushes too. It hasn’t rained much this year, but thankfully, that hasn’t stopped the flowers from showing their pretty faces.


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  1. Ugh! Those light pink peonies are exactly the flower we are trying to get for my sister-in-law’s wedding this month. (But we can’t find them anywhere around here!)

    Want to mail me some???

    (Just kidding. sort of…)

    amy @ glass confetti

  2. It’s beautiful…I can almost smell the springtime loveliness looking at your photos! So, HOW long can you stay there??? (as the poster says, “Like Forever”?)

  3. Oh these are just too amazing. Once I visited Monet’s gardens at Giverny at this time of year and these photos remind me of that visit! Yep, roses and peonies, they are the BEST! (and lilacs). You are seriously living my dream!

    1. If the purple ones to which you’re referring are the ones climbing on the buildings, then no, those are not lilacs; they’re wisteria, & she also pictured white wisteria. They are gorgeous!

  4. So beautiful! Do you and your husband have to do all the yard work and maintenance around the property while you live there or do the homeowners have gardners who come?

    1. It’s a mix, Amy. Someone comes to mow the great lawn as needed. And our landlord’s parents trimmed the hedge in early spring. Ben Blair and I try to keep up with the weeding and deadheading. We also planted a food garden and filled in some flower beds with annuals.

  5. Maria Ortiz-Cintron

    Oh My!! What lovely pics! My favorite is the bike in front of the window – just beautiful! What a blessing to be able to live in this lovely home. You know, I recently heard someone mention that he absolutely loved living in France. He says the kind of life you can live there is just amazing, but he didn’t go into further detail. Having spent four months there, can you elaborate on that for me. What is it about living in France that has so many raving about it? (Besides the obvious beautiful home, what are the nuances to living abroad?). Would love to know!

  6. What is the French word for jealous? Because I am. Such a gorgeous spot. Enjoy your time there. Thanks for the images, they are loevly.

  7. That wisteria is to die for! I think I would set up camp on that bench and not move all day. How do you get anything done?

  8. Gorgeous photos! I could only dream of my garden being that beautiful! Roses are my favorite flower… Peonies are my second. Thanks for sharing your journey in France!

  9. I echo Sarah’s sentiment. It will be so hard for you to leave this beautiful house. You will just have to search for your own special place when you return to the U.S.

  10. If it is even half as beautiful as the photos, it is amazing there :) Oh and you will need to go to one of the perfumers in France and see if you can come close to matching the scent so that you can always remember it!

    1. Hi Dee! Yes. There are lots of fruit trees — apple, cherry (almost ripe!), pear, walnut. And raspberry bushes too. And we planted a vegetable garden as well. We’re growing onions, tomatoes and peppers (we’re missing salsa these days), plus 2 kinds of pumpkins and some yellow squash.

  11. Oh my goodness, that’s an outrageous garden (and house)! The wisteria, the garden gate…. right out of a fairy tale.

  12. All your flower pictures lately have been making me drool… too bad it is uncharacteristically cold and rainy here in CA. What a wonderful time you are having in France – your kids will never forget it!

  13. I can just imagine how lovely that garden is…a real dream, plus the vegetable garden and the fruit trees! Heaven!
    Have a lovely weekend (it’s raining on my side of France right now, doing a LOT of good to my garden:)

  14. Be still my heart, these are the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time…ok, excluding my sweet baby boy! You are so lucky!

  15. A dream house! Are you really staying only a year? We were only supposed to live in the UK for 1 year, but we just extended for 3 more years. Can’t leave just yet!

    PS: We went to Deauville during our Normandy trip and it was wonderful! Beautiful houses, shops and beach – we even brought our sand toys to play :-) It was too windy for the colorful umbrellas to be open, but they were lovely nonetheless!

  16. You must go to Giverny @ Monet’s garden- I also went & your pics remind me of it too ! Enjoy ur stay!! I love France!

  17. This place is just so perfect. And you know after these few months I can’t imagine you living anywhere else. Just look at your kiddies beaming away!

  18. i just happened to be watching house hunters international on hgtv tonight and saw you, your family, and this beautiful home! what a dream to live there. that wisteria is beautiful!! pam

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