La Cressonnière: Oscar & Betty’s Room

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Ben Blair’s sister, Lisa, and our nephew, David, are here visiting. And we’ve been having the best time with them today! When guests come, we usually have them stay in Oscar and Betty’s room. It’s a beautiful bedroom and has lots of space, so it’s easy to bring in luggage, or a travel crib, and feel like you can spread out.

As I was changing the sheets and straightening the room yesterday, I realized I hadn’t shared a photo tour yet. I hope you enjoy it!

Betty sleeps in the big double bed. Oscar sleeps in the twin. Their clothes are kept in the dresser and the armoire stores bed linens and extra blankets for all the beds in the house. One of my favorite details in the room is a painted stripe on the ceiling. So elegant!

P.S. — Remember when Betty took a photo of her bed?


16 thoughts on “La Cressonnière: Oscar & Betty’s Room”

  1. Such a special treat to see the artful details of Oscar’s and Betty’s room. I’m
    certain Lisa and David loved staying there. Millions of thanks for your gracious

  2. It’s 10 p.m. in L.A. However, after viewing your photo gallery I had to circumnavigate the globe through a towel rack portal (there are more of them than you might imagine) to Rondissement 42 for a quick baguette with buerre. I returned via skype and am enjoying my crusty bread as I tour your site once more. Bon sua.

  3. thanks for this. I love the photos of the details, but in your room tours I never feel like I have a grasp of the overally layout/feel of a room, because all the photos are close-ups.

  4. I love seeing glimpses of La Cressonniere. I’m curious, do you think living there has influenced your style? I tend to like things somewhat crisp and clean in general, but I’m really drawn to these rooms with their rich colors and obvious history/patina! Do you think the decor of your next home will be influenced in any way by your time there?

  5. Lovely. I adore these glimpses into the home – it’s simply stunning. But did I miss baby June’s room? I recall a post (perhaps Maude’s room) where you intended to post the pictures, but they didn’t turn out well. Would love to see the crib she’s using…

  6. Thank God I found this site!, recently rented an apartment and the walls are that color and I like walls white, did not know what to do with them!, thank you very much! this beautiful

  7. I am new to blogs and am ecstatic/horrified by this new level of coveting. thanks for sharing these visions for my day dreams. I really must have that paint color. orangey/peachy/salmony without too much of any one. please do share. thanks again.

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