Homemade Cherry Pie

I just finished my 3rd piece of pie. I had one after dinner last night. One as a late night snack. And another for lunch today. The pie is so good. Cherry. Not weirdly-artificial-from-a-can-cherry, but real, sour cherry. With a buttery crust. Cherry pie is my favorite.

Yesterday after school, my friend Sherry came by with her kids. And she brought us this whole gorgeous pie. I couldn’t have been happier. I love afternoons spent with Sherry. We send the kids to the trampoline and then we talk about everything and anything that comes to mind. Kids and marriage and school and moving and photography.

I would ask Sherry for the recipe, but I know she’s one of those bakers that adds a little of this and a little that and doesn’t really keep track. So I took some photos of the gorgeous pie instead. So that I will remember her kindness when I’m far away.


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  1. I don’t know Gabby, I don’t think Colorado can handle the awesomeness of your family. Are you sure you need to go? Not many people can rock out NY the way you do, but there’s something special about your soul when you leave that place and scatter the seeds of love about it to people whom have never been.

    And it will be so interesting to live in a new place when no one asks you about New York or what it’s like. That’s AZ anyway, so it makes it a little easier to move away from. The pain gets drowned in the floorboards cos no one really talks about it much. It seem like it’s hard for people to know how to talk about a place they haven’t been to. And if they do, you will be asked if people are really rude there. Or if it’s like Sex in the City. Maybe not, maybe CO will explode with way more interesting conversation about mountains and cool places to go outside instead of restaurants.

    Your kids will love it anywhere after living in NY, so much will seem like a luxury I bet.

    Congratulations and Cope Well are both in order. But you’ll blossom anywhere, that’s for sure. Can’t wait to read about your new adventure.

  2. Have you noticed that’s it’s getting really hard to go out and find a piece of pie anymore? Most restaurants have apple and pudding pies but no cherry…which is my favorite. It’s making my mouth water. You are one lucky girl.

  3. the farmers market here in salt lake has AMAZING fresh sour cherries that I freeze and use for pies all year. since you’ll be living close now, you can pick some up when you come up/when we come down. cherry pie is a favorite in the ricks family too..my sister and bro in law have perfected it

  4. This is the photo of the ACTUAL PIE your friend MADE and brought over to you?

    That is so great. Why is it when I go to someone’s house I usually bring the bakery-bought something then watch the kids on the trampoline!?!

    The pie (and the photo) look to die for. From one mom to another!

  5. I am sooooo envious!! I too, am a Cherry Pie Lover!! Enjoy every bite!! Oh and if you ever come to Michigan, you have got to try a pie company by the name of Achatz (it rhymes with jackets). I did wedding pies with of course…cherry, but they are better known for their Michigan 4 berry which has cherry, blueberry, blackberry and rasberry all in it with this really yummy crumble on top. It is to die for!!!!!!

  6. Cherry Pie is My favorite too!! I just came across your blog tonight for the first time and I was feeling akin to you since one you love Cherry pie and second because you are moving to Colorado, as am I!!! While I know it is the best for our family, it will be a VERY hard one for me because I have been in the Las Vegas for 24 years and will miss all my family and friends. The one advantage I have is before I lived in Vegas I lived in Colorado but I was 6 so I don’t remember too many people!!! Perhaps in some small way we could support each other in this new adventure!! It makes me feel better to know that there is someone else out there that is about to do the same thing as me!! :) Love your blog by the way!!

  7. Mmm – that looks delicious. I could go for a piece for my breakfast right now. : )

    Just stumbled upon your blog. Great ideas! I’m a design mom at heart too. Have a nice day.

  8. If I came to earth to watch and sit, I’d be wasting the cherry and eating the pit. -Carolyn Ottesen

    But a cherry pie is even better.

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