Happy 25th Anniversary to Ben Blair

Happy 25th Anniversary to Ben Blair! He is my very favorite person and I feel lucky to have him as my partner in life.

25 years is called the silver anniversary and we live in Argentan, which can be translated as “silver town”, so I thought maybe we’d do something silver-themed to celebrate. But we ended up eating pasta and gelato in Milan instead and I have no complaints. Hah!

To mark this happy day, I put together a little (under a minute) slideshow with 100 photos of the two us (and a few family shots too) that I gathered from the last 25 years — all set to music by my talented niece Sophie Blair.

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Thanks for marrying me, Ben Blair. I’d do it again with zero hesitation. 

Mixed in with the snapshots, there are photos by Justin HackworthBlue Lily PhotoModernKidsKatrina Davis, and Kristen Loken.

22 thoughts on “Happy 25th Anniversary to Ben Blair”

  1. Happy 25th! I ADORE your anniversary slideshow. We celebrate our 25th on Oct. 14 … and I just might steal your sweet idea.

  2. Pamela Balabuszko-Reay

    Happy 25th Anniversary! You have built quite a life! Our 25th is September 2nd. It was a very good year!

  3. Happy anniversary to you!
    I love how you seem to treat each other with the utmost respect and adoration and how you seem to find joy in each other.

  4. You look like such a nice couple, nice to each other; Before I met my husband, I was living with a man and I would think “20 years with the same person, that’s hell”, but now I know why! I would love to spend 50 years with my husband, I would also say yes again (and even faster!).
    Thank you for sharing. Happy anniversary to you, and many thoughts to your children in NY.

  5. Happy Anniversary! So wonderful to see the slideshow. You and your familiy are a great example to me. I love following you. It makes me realize that it is extra sad that Ralph and Maude can’t join you this year

  6. Your clothes and hair are so stylish throughout the years. Would love to see blog posts on the evolution of your clothing and hairstyles and how it’s changed since you moved to France.

    1. I would love that, too! Share how/why you adapted your style at different stages. So many women seem stuck at whatever they adopted at age 20 and you are very creative with your look.

  7. How wonderful to be married with so much love! I also love that at a certain point maybe half way through I started remembering a chunk of the pictures! Thank you for inviting all of us into your life in some small way. I feel richer for it!

  8. Happy Anniversary! You two have made a wonderful life for you and your children! It is obvious how you support each other through your challenges and successes and that is beautiful to see! Thanks for letting us share in your journey!

  9. Happy Anniversary to you! You two are a wonderful example of what marriage can look like, with two people who love and RESPECT one another. It’s a beautiful thing :)

  10. What a lovely record of your evolving life together! I was dying to slow it down and see all the wonderful, multidimensional emotions and milestones represented. Congratulations on this silver anniversary.

  11. You two are the cutest! I’m headed into my 25th anniversary (next year). We have had many struggles (as does any relationship, especially with a lot of kids) but I love your focus on the positive! This is a great example for me. I love your video and aspire to make a similar one next year.

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