French Greys

images by Sarah of Modern Kids

As promised, I’ve made a list of all the sources for our clothing and accessories from the Modern Kids shoot. I keep using the term “French Greys”. I don’t think it’s an official term, but I’ve noticed that pretty much every clothing store here in France carries options in muted greys. They are warm greys — some even lean to purple, like a dove grey. Others are sort of creamy.

I love the look! When I was a design student, I had a box of warm grey Prismacolor pencils and I used to admire them when I was bored during class. I feel the same way about the grey clothing and I love that it’s easy to find here.

June is wearing a dress by Marie Chantal. It is a hand-me-down from a neighbor in New York and used to be worn by Betty. Collars on baby dresses can drive me mad! So I use a needle and thread to tack them down. Her gold moccasins are by Freshly Picked.

Betty is wearing a dress from Old Navy. It was actually Olive’s First Day of Kindergarten dress. Her sweater and shoes are by Du Pareil au même (DPAM). She is wearing a string of pink pearls given to me by my Grandma Daisy. Her hairclip is from H&M — from maybe 4 or 5 years ago.

Oscar is DPAM’d out — pants, shirt, scarf and shoes.

Olive is pretty DPAM’d too. She’s wearing this dress underneath, and this dress as a top layer. Shoes are the flats she wore at Christmas, from GapKids. Her necklace is by TrueBirds. She wore a cut rose from one of our rose bushes in her hair.

Maude is wearing a DPAM dress too. (It also comes in white!) Her hair piece is by TrueBirds (hair tutorial coming soon…). Her necklace is by Leslie Lewis Designs. Her glitter flats are from GapKids, also from Christmas.

Ralph’s jacket is by Zara Kids. His sweater, pants and driving mocs are from DPAM.

I’m wearing a dress and cardigan with pearl buttons from Benetton. My espadrilles are by Toni Pons. The key on my necklace was grabbed from the collection in the treehouse.

Ben is wearing cords from Banana Republic, button down by Brooks Brothers, sweater by Harris Wilson and his sneakers are Le Coq Sportif.

25 thoughts on “French Greys”

  1. here I thought I was the only one driven mad by collars! Of course, I’m not nearly as smart and savvy as you, it never occurred to me to stitch them in place! I simply donated and determined, no more collars – which made me so, so sad. Peter Pan collars are devine at any and every age! Lesson learned, once again, through Design Mom.

    I owe you another!

    best -d
    post script: don’t forget, Peter Pan collars, bateau necklines and jumbo pearls – where them often and forever!

    post post script: it’s interested timing, your post about Mimi. I”m sad to hear her health has been plagued and wish her a speedy recovery. Poor thing. Just yesterday I added a post to my own blog about “life behind the blog” and I sat for a moment and considered all the blogs out there that I love and wondered what goes on in their own behind-the-scenes moments. …may your behind-the-scenes get better soon!!

  2. I love, love, love gray. And it works so well on your family! I’m inspired. (But I don’t think I have enough kids to pull it off as well.) :)

  3. i almost didnt know who you were talking about when you just said Ben…you always call him Ben Blair! he is Ben Blair in my mind!
    love your website.
    hope sweet mimi gets well soon

  4. Your family looks like a magazine cover! Gorgeous. French greys are my favorite.

    I just want to say how much I appreciate the fact that your kids are wearing a lot of hand-me-downs and recycling their clothes. You all look so fresh and new, it’s great to know that are looking chic with pieces you already have!

  5. Was exploring DPAM’s website, and was so excited to see that they have three stores in Ireland, so I’ll be shopping when I go in September!

  6. Darling. Your children are so photogenic. My favorites are the tree house ones. I can just see them grown up discussing they year they spent abroad in France and how awesome/crazy/strange/amazing/life changing it was. And of course, telling their kids all about it while showing the pictures too. Prayers for Mimi’s speedy recovery.

    1. Also, love how you recycle clothing! The other comments got me thinking…do you think you could post something about storing/recycling clothes for children? (I submitted that question about storing clothes for future kids…do you remember it/me? :) )

  7. Just as I figured–you are a DPAM convert! As I mentioned last winter, I always have to shop in every DPAM I see anywhere we happen to be when we spend time in France. Even if I’ve already broken the bank (sort of) and all Christmas and birthday gifts are already covered for our grandchildren.

    I’ve also developed a viral “Next” ( British boutiques we’ve found in Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest. ) Such cute stuff. Beats H&M…

  8. Love, love, love DPAM – wish they delivered to Australia. Everyone looks so superb – that shot of Maude and Olive is gorgeous.

    I also read “Ben” and thought “Ben?”! ;)

  9. you made a necklace out of a key from the treehouse! you are too cool for school. how inspired and wonderfully sentimental. that treasure will be captured in photos forever.

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