Flip Dolls by Miszkomaszko

Polish flip dolls
Polish flip dolls Polish flip dolls

By Koseli. Photos by Bartosz Rajewski.

I recently discovered the most charming, cheerful, and unique children’s shop called Miszkomaszko — and it’s based in Poland! Have you heard of it? I instantly fell in love with their quirky little flip dolls and brightly colored kid’s clothes and wanted to know more about the face behind the brand. Lucky for us, Agate is a sweetheart and answered a few of my questions about Miszkomaszko!

miszkomaszko flip doll

What was your inspiration behind the Flip Dolls? I love the bright colors and geometric textiles.

When I was a little girl I had a similar doll and already back when I studied fashion at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, I started making a prototype. The idea was to create a modern version of a classic idea. The characters are all designed and drawn by me. The combinations often unexpected and funny (we have godzilla and a japanese girl, a thief and a super hero etc.)and the customers have a chance to create their own flip dolls by using a special application on my website.

Can you tell us a little about the creators of Miszkomaszko brand?

The brand is my own creation. I am an educated fashion designer, worked for few years at H&M in Sweden as a graphic designer for children clothing. One of my biggest dreams was always to open my own brand with clothes for children and after I moved back to my home town I started miszkomaszko :) The name was made up by my son, it was his imaginary friend called “miszkomaszko”.


Do you have a favorite shop item?

I love my flip dolls and the mermaid print pants are the biggest hit, I love mermaids, it’s my signature print.

You’re based in Poland. How cool! Are there other Polish children’s shops that have inspired you along the way? What other children’s brands do you love? How do you think your products are unique from American handmade goods?

It’s a really good time for Polish children fashion, we didn’t have many brands and now there is more and more and I love being part of this new thing :) I met some lovely people who own other small brands such as Kids on the Moon and Dream Nation. I would rather think of what we have in common with American handmade goods, it’s love for what we do and a great passion, lots of hard work too:) Personally I live to use some motifs in the graphics which are inspired with my childhood but not only, I look for inspiration everywhere and all the time:)

Thank you so much, Agate! It’s so wonderful to learn a little more about your brilliant children’s brand and get a behind-the-scenes picture. You can check out Miszkomaszko kids and mama clothes here and Agate’s blog here. They ship internationally.

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  1. These are great! I have a few flip dolls from when I was little. One is Little Red Riding Hood / Big Bad Wolf and the other is a Princess / Fairy God Mother. Mine are slightly retro but I love these modern takes on the concept!

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