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By Gabrielle.

It’s my birthday today! Ben Blair and I were discussing potential birthday desserts to celebrate with, and I narrowed it down to strawberry shortcake, mint brownies, a lemon tart, or glazed donuts. Do you have an opinion on the matter? You can click a checkmark above to add your vote.

Then tell me: Do you have a favorite dessert you eat for your birthday? Classic chocolate cake? Red velvet? Carrot? I’d love to hear!

P.S. — Since France really shines in the Tarte Citron department, I may or may not be favoring the lemon. : )

44 thoughts on “Birthday Treat”

  1. Happy Birthday, Gabrielle! :)
    Favourite birthday cakes in our family:
    Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or pumpkin spice cake (also with cream cheese frosting).
    Enjoy your special day today! :)

  2. Can you find glazed donuts like that in France?? We have never seen them and Switzerland certainly doesn’t have any…if you make them, my kids want your recipe!

    Happy day to you…I’d go with the strawberry shortcake :)

  3. Mmmm! Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a marvelous year ahead!

    If it were me, I’d have shortcake for breakfast, and lemon tart for dessert. Why not bookend the day in sweetness??!?!?!?


    The last few years, I’ve had one simple request: a PB & J Cake. My mom received this adorable cake pan shaped like a loaf of bread a few years back. So, she makes pound cake, then “slices” the cake in half, and makes a peanut butter frosting and a Jam layer and it is so good! And not to mention a little bit silly in just the right way, as I’m nearly 30. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Gabrielle! Hope you have a fantastic day!

    I would have to go with Strawberry Shortcake… or maybe Devils Food Cake

  5. Dear Gabrielle, happy birthday! have you ever tried a Paris-Brest cake in France? that´s my favorite:) if you pass by a good patisserie, I recommend it.

  6. Happy birthday! It’s my husband’s birthday, too, and we’ve baked a classic chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for him. Hope all the celebrations are wonderful!

  7. All great choices! Since it’s strawberry season, I had to vote for strawberry shortcake, but I think any of these make the perfect birthday treat. My birthday treats usually involve chocolate in some way (hello, triple chocolate tart!). Have an awesome birthday!

  8. When I saw “mint brownie” it took me back to the BYU creamery mint brownies, but then I saw your picture of mint brownies and they were much classier. I think the best way to decide, is to get all 4, take a bite of each and decide which one you want to eat the rest of , then give your kids the leftover treats.

  9. When in Rome (or France) do like the locals……
    Go for the lemon and when you get back home (to the US) have the doughnut!!
    I guess you’ve had your fill of macaroons : )

  10. Happy birthday!

    For me, my lemon pie (chiffon one) or my honey&cinamon cake.

    regards from Portugal,

  11. Tough call, but I think I’d choose the strawberry shortcake, though the mint brownies are a very close second. My personal favorite is a chocolate pear cake I had many moons ago when I spent a summer in Nice, France. Heaven — the cake and the town! Joyeux anniversaire!

  12. My birthday dessert of choice is always cheesecake, preferably chocolate. Either that or brownie or or standard cake.

  13. Happy Birthday! What a difficult choice – how about a taste of each ;) Enjoy New York next week – sorry I’ll be missing ALT NY this time around ;(

  14. Hey, it’s my birthday today, too. Strawberry shortcake is one of my birthday favorites. I also love lemon pie/tarts. Since the tart is a local specialty that is what I would choose
    Happy birthday !

  15. Happy Birthday, Gabrielle! I vote for the mint brownies, so delicious, that is what I would choose for my birthday,which is actually next Friday, the 21st.

  16. .happy.birthday.gabrielle.

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve had trifle for my birthday dessert. Cake, cream, custard, and berries…yummmmm. It wasn’t until quite recently that a friend of mine suggested I have pie for my birthday; I was born on 3.14-Pi day! Pie may become my new tradition. Of course, I could always have both! ;)

  17. Happy Birthday, Gabrielle. My birthday is May 31 and every year I spring for strawberry shortcake. It’s the best way to celebrate me AND spring!

    I hope your day is wonderful and your dessert is delicious.

  18. Go citron! Doughnuts have been sold for the past few year at fast food type bakeries in France. They are all over my middle sized French town. I wouldn’t bother. Why not walk into a boulangerie, close your eyes and point to one .The chances are you will love it!

  19. Wishing you a happy and healthy birhtday – looks like this will be an exciting year for you!!
    Wish I had written this, but the sentiment remains:

    “May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.”
    ― Neil Gaiman

    Oh, and CHOCOALTE CAKE all the way :)
    Love, Meredith

  20. oh, Glazed donuts?!! We live in Hong Kong, and there is no such thing as a GOOD donut here. :) Yummy! I vote that you should at least have 2 of the 4! It is your birthday after all. Have a wonderful day!!

  21. Happy birthday! I hope the treat you chose was delightful.
    I’m partial to caramel pots de creme or creme brulee with berries. Mmmmm…

  22. Ooo…we share a birthday! Happy Happy to you. I had peanut butter pie at a French bistro, which was good, but I’m dreaming of that lemon tart. It seems so spring-y and the French do rock the tarts. I particularly love mint brownies, though. I have this awesome recipe with brownie, topped by mint frosting (homemade, of course), topped with melted dark chocolate. They are divine served cold. Hope you enjoyed whatever you chose!

  23. Strawberry shortcake is my absolute favorite so I would totally be choosing that (I could eat it for days!!). For my birthday I almost always end up with apple pie a la mode which is an old stand-by favorite.

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