Election Day

I voted.

Then. To commemorate the event, I called in a voice recording at The Motherhood telling all about my experience at the polls. And then I embedded the message here on Design Mom (click the triangle “play” button to hear what I said):

You can call in and record your voting experience too — right from your cell phone. Go here to try it out. And find simple instructions here. It’s so great to hear everyone’s voices.

Happy Election Day!

PS — is the patriotic pin-up girl (found here) too sexy? You know how hard I try to keep it G-rated around here. . .

19 thoughts on “Election Day”

  1. That was fun to hear about your experience. I also surprised myself by how emotional I was when I voted. It felt good.

    Not too sexy. I think there was an era when fans were everywhere, thus the ubiquitous blowing up of women’s skirts. What a burden that must have been!

  2. I am not the US citizen myself, but I understand that the choice Americans make today will affect the situation in the world for the next years… Do hope that any choice you make will be the correct choice:)

  3. Thanks for your comments. I voted this morning, with my 4 year old in tow. It is wonderful that we live in a democracy and have the opportunity to choose our leaders, law makers, and even sometimes laws.

    The pin-up girl is adorable.

  4. Love the picture! The voice recording is really neat. I vote absentee so didn’t get the in person experience. This is the last election anyone in Seattle will be able to do in person voting – it’s all going to be absentee. I have fond memories of going to the polls with my parents on election day. I was very emotional driving home from school this morning as I watched all the people on street corners holding up signs in support of various candidates and initiatives.

  5. I mailed in my ballot a couple of weeks ago, but was still emotional this morning. And became emotional all over again when I heard your recording.
    Happy Election Day to all.

  6. No, no. She’s not sexy. She’s gorgeous. Her legs are pretty, but not seductive. And that big grin on her face isn’t seductive in any way– it just makes her happy-go-lucky.

  7. Haha. She is sexy. But not *too* sexy. Sexy in a hey-I-would-wear-that-dress way, in a way that makes me want to draw lines on my pantyhose on the back of my calves. Can voting be sexy? Well, I think making informed decisions and making an investment in our country is sexy. In conclusion, clearly, we love the image.

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