Apple Party

Nathalie, from the Australian paper company Imprintables, sent me photos from the super-charming apple-themed party she had for her son, Travis. So cute! And I love that’s it’s totally unisex. And totally adaptable to pretty much any fruit.

Refreshments were child-sized apples, apple lemonade and of course, apple pie with ice-cream. Games were traditional — bobbing for apples, sack races and tug-of-war.

Curious about Apple Lemonade? Me too. So Nathalie graciously shared her simple recipe:

1 bottle of apple juice
1 bottle of pear juice

1 2L bottle of lemonade

Combine; watch the children and mums alike devour this tasty concoction

Sounds delish!

17 thoughts on “Apple Party”

  1. Love it!! Would she share where she got her green spotted paper lantern? That is EXACTLY the color of my middle kids room and I would love to have a few of them up…

    I have never seen this theme before, but it is perfect!

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for your lovely comments. The paper lanterns were purchased from

    The idea for the party sprung from my son’s love for apple pie, crunchy apples and apple juice. I had originally planned a ‘picnic in the park’ party but when he choose an apple printed fabric for the tablecloth and then I thought how one colour can make an impact.
    I’m so pleased you have enjoyed viewing this party – I do have a few more parties catered for boys which I’ll pass on.

    I would love for you to visit my website

  3. Oh my word…this has to be one of the most clever party themes I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. Thank you for sharing…both of you.

    I’m thinking oranges next time?

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