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Big news! Huggies has officially named me, and some of my favorite peeps, a “celebrity mom.” It feels good. But honestly, I always thought “celebrity” involved more limos/Escalades. In my case, it means Huggies posted a video of me being interviewed by Ralph. Hot! You can view the video under the Celeb Mom Spotlight tab at Generation Huggies.

Bonus. At The Motherhood you can also see the video Huggies chose NOT to use. It features Maude interviewing me — plus Betty crawling all over me — plus a glimpse of Oscar’s bare bottom. And it’s filmed by Ralph.


I feel like this “not picked” video is pretty representative of what goes down at my house on any given evening. Watch for this highlight: I ask Oscar where his pants are. He looks down and says, “I don’t see them.” Fabulous.

Hey. Also. Tomorrow — that’s Thursday, November 20th — is your very last chance to submit your own video to Huggies. You should totally do it. It’s free. It’s fun. And you could win fame and fortune — you know how I’m all about celebrity.

21 thoughts on “Celebrity Mom”

  1. i love the not-picked video. it reminds me of my life. and i love your son laughing at the bare bum at the end. and maude is a fabulous interviewer.

  2. what a nice revealing day today has been. First Dooce announced that she is pregnant and second I get to watch this video which totally demystified my ideas of you.

    Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Thanks everyone! And Damaris, so glad to be demystified. :)

    I love this video because it’s so much more real than what I pictured in my head.

    When I was assigned to make the video, I imagined I would set aside some quiet time. Consider the background. Set up a tripod or borrow a high quality video camera. Do my hair and makeup. Come up with some tender thoughts about Motherhood, etc.

    The reality is that 2 days past the video deadline, I had to grab a few minutes after dinner, ask Ralph to hold the Flip camera, and just get it done before I collapsed for the evening — forget about hair and makeup.

  4. That was hilarious. I’m glad I’m not the only one whose life is like that. However, when asked how I like potty-training I would have said it is the worst thing about being a mother.

  5. I love the “not picked” video! It’s so sweet, and really captures one of those million chaotic moments that make mothering both maddening and melt-your-heart.

  6. Loved it! And how cute is that Maude of yours? What a sweetheart — and such a fun personality! I loved this because it is so REAL. And I bet your kids loved being a part of it too — from filming, to interviewing, to “showing” LOL!

    Kim :)

  7. There’s nothing like a sweet baby butt. OOh, he’s a cute one! Thanks for letting us all see that even a celebrity has a normal/real life too.
    Hope you had a fabulous trip.

  8. I’m so glad you posted this – not only did it give me a good chuckle during a difficult day (the entire house has a wicked cold) but it reminded me that whether we’re “celebrity moms” or not, we all have adorable, wiggly, bare-bummed kids who are the center of our universe. You don’t look famous here – you just look like a good mom. I like it.

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