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I’ve been looking for a new heavy coat and found this beautiful red one at TJ Maxx the other day. I’m loving the shape, loving the details, and loving that it was a bargain for an overcoat at $60. Plus, it’s from Esprit which made me happy — I don’t think I’ve worn anything from the Esprit line since junior high. : )

Only problem, it’s a size too big (and they didn’t have a smaller size). Other only problem, will I like it less after Christmas when I’ve had my fill of red?

Do I keep it? Or return it? Feeling so indecisive…

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  1. Don’t know about the sizing issue, but I do know I have a red wool coat. This is my third season with it and I still enjoy it immensely and still get compliments on the color.

  2. Keep it! I’ve got a bright red winter coat and it’s so cheerful next to white snow in January and you look seasonal again in February (Valentine’s Day). Wait, how big is it on you? That might be a deal breaker…

  3. At $60.00, good design, a great fabric, and *red*…I say keep it and find a great tailor to fit to your shape. It may cost you another $60.00, but in the long run you’ll have a fabulous coat that is timeless and will serve you well.

    (On a side note…Esprit? I thought they went out of business! My daughters will be ecstatic!)

  4. Very cute and great price, but, return it. I recently bought a coat that is a size too big and it just doesnt look as good as it could. The are a lot of gorgeous coats out there, and a lot of good deals right now. Get one that fits great instead of mediocre.

  5. red is always good. so it’s a size too big, but does it LOOK like it’s a size too big when you wear it? Do you know a good tailor who could make a few snips and stitches to improve the fit for you? Even if the tailoring cost as much as the coat, you’d still have a great bargain on something timeless you love. If tailoring is not at all an option, I’m afraid you should return it–you’ll just end up feeling regret every time you where it and feel sloppy.

  6. When you think about a dreary late-January day wearing that coat do you smile? How about a dreary late-March day?

    It looks great on a hanger. . . does it look so great on your body? Do you have access to a good tailor? Cutting it down a size may not be that hard. . .you just have to decide if it’s worth the trouble.

  7. You’ll love red after Christmas! Any excuse to wear red is a good one!

    Have you asked your TJ Maxx if they can check for other sizes at other TJ Maxx stores? It would be so great to find a smaller one!

    Jonathan’s mom

  8. If you like the fit of the coat even though it’s a size big (the shoulders don’t droop, it doesn’t look shapeless – OR It looks shapeless in a good way) – then I’d keep it. If the sleeves are too long, they can always be shortened. The color is beautiful and will brighten up the dreary early months of the year. Great find!

    (Oh – and I agree with the suggestion above to have TJM call around to other stores and see if they have another one in your size)

  9. if you like the coat enough then you probably won’t get sick of the red, right? it looks great.

    p.s. i saw a woman wearing an old BUM Equipment sweatshirt the other day and had the same strange, sentimental feeling. hello, jr. high! :)

  10. i would keep it. just get a tailor to take it in a bit so it fits perfect. that’s something that i often forget when i find things that don’t fit quite right….really, that’s a steal for $60, so paying a little bit more for the adjustments might be worth it if you really like it.

  11. It’s a steal at $60. Everyonoe needs a pop of read …even after christmas. Being a size too big shouldn’t matter much if that just means slightly longer on the sleeves. And even if it’s a bit big around the waist area and long in the length paying for a tailor to fix it would still be worth it.

    all this being said…my mom always told me if I am not sure about something after I bought it I either a)didn’t really need it or b)not in love with it as I thought I was.

    You could always buy it….search for a better one in your size at around the same price (adding the cost of a tailor if you want) and if you find something take it back…

  12. red is timeless, but if you don’t love the way it fits, you won’t wear it and it won’t be such a good value after all. you could try and get it tailored, but coats are pretty hard to alter. especially if it’s too big everywhere (shoulder, waist, length, etc.).

  13. i have a red coat and never get tired of the color, but i know if i keep things that i don’t feel fit well and look frumpy, then i’ll never wear them. especially since there are so many fabulous coats these days and they can either look and make you feel great or frump. u know?

  14. When in doubt, don’t. Don’t keep it, that is. I doubt you’ll get tired of the color, but the size is an issue. I always regret settling for the wrong size.

  15. You should keep it, but have it taken in. Unless you think you can find a coat you like as well or better for the cost of this coat plus alterations.

  16. I love the coat. But if it’s too big, you’ll NEVER want to wear it. And if you have it tailored, you’ll likely end up paying much more. I say (a) return the coat or (b) gift it to mom or sister who might fit it a little better.

  17. I live in the desert (82 degrees today) and haven’t had a winter coat in years and years. BUT if I was in the market for one – I would want that EXACT one. Even if the tailoring is expensive – I think you will look great in it.

  18. I think the color is great. Before you take the tags off take it to the tailor and ask if it can be altered to fit. If it can then keep it. If it can’t then take it back. You don’t want to keep something that doesn’t fit well and that you won’t wear.

  19. KEEP! No questions asked. A Red coat is a classic piece in the waredrobe. Generally if heavy winter coats are too big it’s not a problem because you then have room to layer underneith. But I say always have pieces tailored. It’s worth the money and the cost of the coat plus tailoring will probalby still be less than the original price!

  20. If you can get it to fit – keep it! Otherwise take it back for someone else to discover. My closet is filled with stuff that’s beautiful, but the wrong size. Ane I never wear any of it because they don’t fit right.

  21. Take it back.

    Here’s why…you don’t LOVE it. If you LOVED it you wouldn’t be asking us. It might just be the fit you don’t love, but I’m guessing if it doesn’t fit right you will never wear it. You will find another coat you love (perfect fit, perfect color…) the planets will align and you will KNOW.

  22. Keep it! Get it tailored! It’s a steal at $60. And a great color/style. I went this morning to my TJMaxx to see if I could find one for me! No luck. :(

  23. Gabby, I’ve been looking for coats at tj’s and that is a score! But I hate that tj’s sizes are so hit and miss. If you can tailor it, it would be worth it. Meanwhile, try and find it at another tjs, or marshalls. I’ll keep my eye out for you, and look for a different size. What are you, a 4 I’m guessing.

  24. Return it. I never want to give myself any motivation to get bigger:) It could still work after christmas… but won’t be as much fun. I say you hit some great black friday deals… or even cyber monday (today) deals and you can find another great peacoat. I just got a great one from banana outlet for $65. Take some cute pictures of you wearing it first… maybe your family pics for the christmas card before you return it though! good luck.

  25. It’s a beautiful coat but I found a similar wonderful find at Zara one year, a classic wool coat for a steal, one size too big. And even though the coat is perfect in almost every way, it just doesn’t look good because of the fit – it looks sloppy and now sits in the closet. So if the size is too generous, I’d say return it, otherwise keep it.

  26. red is the best color ever invented. With that in mind I would say keep the coat. Also, I had a wool coat that fit just right when I didn’t layer. I got one that was a little big and it was perfect for when I lived in MA because it allowed me to layer inside and also put my scarf inside my coat which I think looks stylish. Keep the coat. If you really don’t want it I could suggest sending it my way in California but considering that it’s almost December and still high 70s I don’t think I would use it much. Not to rub it in or anything…

  27. Keep it, then get it altered. One size is not a big deal to a great tailor. Most stuff off the rack doesn’t fit perfectly anyway, so you’ll be steps ahead of everyone else with a perfectly fitting adorable red coat! Red, like black or white, is always good; it’s not like yellow or some other color of the moment that will look dated next season.

  28. Also, you used the word “loving” about this coat three times. It sounds like you’re only second guessing yourself because of the size, which is fixable. Take it to a tailor before you take off the tags just to be sure, but I still say find a way to keep it!

  29. I hate when things are ALMOST perfect. It is adorable. If you can handle the size issue, I vote keep it. Even if you wear it only one season it is still a good deal at $60. I’m sure it will keep you warm and cute more than 60 times.

  30. I’m gonna be in the RETURN it pile, but only because of fit. Tailors can only do so much and I’ve found out the hard way that if the shoulders don’t fit there’s not much they can do but remake the garment. But…do let all of us know if TJs is helpful in finding you the size you need. Do you have Filene’s Basement where you are? They always have a huge selection of great coats. I do agree that red is a fantastic idea. So keep on the hunt….

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