Day Off

Two apple pies baked before noon. From apples we picked ourselves.

It’s hard to improve on that sort of day. Did the kids ransack the house during the making/baking process? Yes. Am I still in my pajamas? You bet. Is my foot covered in powdered sugar? Oddly, yes. But I have a whole pie to eat and a whole pie to give away. So who really cares about the rest?

Also, I just tried this circle thing instead of my usual slits in the crust — I’ll stare at it for awhile longer, but I think I love it. If I was ever going to have a pie signature, I’m pretty sure this would be it.

One more thing. In case you’re wondering, while the first pie is baking, there is just enough time to make a second pie, clean the kitchen, and make fresh whipped cream — and if the kids help, you can even get the family room whipped into shape. So you might as well make two. I’m just saying.

27 thoughts on “Day Off”

  1. I have been a lurker for awhile now and just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. The same things that you are ‘ga ga’ over, I find myself ‘ga ga’ over too. Your pies look beautiful and I love the signature ‘circle’! So I hope you don’t mind me continuing to lurk and comment here and there!

  2. What a happy post! I’m also a lurker, but you kind of know me – I’m Laura Buchanan’s Mom. I do enjoy your blog and knowing your kids’ cute names and knowing that you are Laura’s friend!

  3. We made apple pie last week! There’s no better way to celebrate fall than with homemade apple pie. So glad you’re taking a day off … I think I’ll have to bake another pie tonight. The first one didn’t last long. Yours is beautiful – keep the signature!

  4. Did you make the circle with two closely-sized round cutters? Or free-hand? I like it, but I promise not to steal it. Hmmm. I do have lots of heart cutters–maybe I’ll do concentric hearts. Not that I make pies more than once a year or so.

  5. We call that two pie thing – ‘economies of scale’ and it is an essential principle we put into practice in our home full of hungry mouths

    Kind of reminds me of the Big Red Hen too. All the kids helped pick the apples and so they will all hep eat the pie

    Makes me want to take all the kids pickin’

  6. love the signature pie crust. too bad we changed the contest from pies to cookies!

    i also like it because it looks a bit like the target logo. you know, my favorite place on earth.

  7. You sound so calm and zen, pie making while the kids run amok! It certainly looks worth it. I think I would cheat, though, and buy a premade crust from Trader Joe’s. Or is it easy to do homemade? The thought gives me anxiety.

  8. I had the same day on saturday – you’re right, it’s hard to do better than that perfect fall day. Hope your pies were as yummy as mine! I love the signature circle – I guess my ‘signature’ is to lightly brush the top crust with egg white and sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar. It makes the crust crispy goodness. Another idea is to cut the vents in the shape of the first letter of your last name. (Mine is W, which would be pretty easy.) Enough rambling….thanks for the continued fun and beauty!

  9. Pies are on my agenda for today. Your so right about the timing for making two; the baking time IS just the perfect amount of time to clean up and make another.

    I usually do four at a time, but we’ll see. It depends on how long the baby naps! Maybe two today and two more tonight.

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