DIY: Valentine Bookmarks for Classmates

DIY Valentine Bookmarks

For classmates valentines this year, Olive made DIY Valentine Bookmarks.

DIY Valentine Bookmarks

First, we cut some heavy cardstock (green/blue and red) to 2.25″ x 6″ strips. That’s a good, comfortable bookmark size, with plenty of space for decoration. On the back, Olive wrote a to/from note.

Then she went to work glueing, glittering and stickering the fronts.

On some she made a decorative border with an edger hole punch.

DIY Valentine Bookmarks

Velvet ribbons were attached when the glue was dry. Since our stickers were little word bubbles, on some of the bookmarks, we used the glue to make faces so that they could speak the little Valentine’s messages. So cute!

DIY Valentine bookmarks are sweet and personalized. They make a really good no-candy option, while encouraging reading at the same time.

21 thoughts on “DIY: Valentine Bookmarks for Classmates”

  1. A great idea for my 1st grade daughter — she is dying to make her own Valentines this year (instead of cheapy store-boughts) and I was having a hard time coming up with something that she could do (with my help) in a short amount of time. I already have a pack of red pre-cut bookmarks leftover from making Christmas tags which will work perfectly; thanks!

  2. Design Mom, I saw the pic of your supplies a few posts ago, and noticed that they were from the Martha line available at Michael’s. I, absorbed in my own crafty visions, went to *two* of my Michael’s, only to have employees look with blank stares when I asked about a Valentine’s Day line of Martha crafts. So solve the riddle–where did you obtain your supplies, if they be Martha ones? I would still like some–the Martha ones are great!

  3. Ugh! Big sis and I made these Martha Stewart Felt Fortune Cookies, and they are a dissappointment b/c they don’t seem to stay closed very well and definitely do not hold any kisses. Maybe my wire isn’t strong enough.

    Anyway, I still have Thursday night and only 15 kids in the class and a cool heart punch, maybe we can pull together some book marks….THANKS for the inspiration!

  4. Great idea! We're stuck inside here in western PA for Snowpocalypse 2010. The kids are on their third snow day in a row, and who knows when the roads will be clear enough to go get storebought valentines? The kids' parties (if they get back to school) are in two days!

    I have 3 bored girls holed up with me (my 2 plus a neighbor), and I think they'd love this idea!

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  6. Thanks for posting these! I was looking for something my son could make that wasn’t too difficult which he could make in mass quantity for his class without getting bored. These fit the bill perfectly. Plus I love that they are functional!

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  11. These are great! I just love homemade Valentines. We used printmaking this year to make valentines to share at school and enclosed a little lollipop. The bookmarks are an easy project to make multiples of – love it!

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