DIY: Moonlit Mummy Lanterns


By Gabrielle.

I like to keep a few last-minute decoration ideas on hand for any given holiday or event. Some years are busier than others, and I can’t always go all out with preparations. But if I have some easy ideas in my back pocket, then it’s much more likely that I’ll be able to add some instant magic to the house.

My internet friend Amy, just came out with a book called Washi Tape Crafts. It has tons of ideas for cute ways you can use washi tape, and even offers technique guidance — like how to get a good precision tear, how to weave with washi, and how to create specific shapes. Most of the ideas are for anytime crafts, but some are centered on specific holidays, and when I saw the mummy lanterns, I thought they were a perfect last-minute Halloween idea!


Happily, Amy sent over the instructions so I could share them here.


Moonlit Mummy Lanterns

Add an eerie but playful effect to your holiday decor with these easy mummy lanterns. If you dig the jars out of your recycling bin, you’ll spend next to nothing on this project. Drop an LED tea light inside for a haunted effect!


– Glass jars
– Spray paint, in silver or mirror finish
– Spray bottle with a solution of 1 part vinegar, 1 part water
– Paper towels
– Washi tape, in white
– Hot glue gun
– Googly eyes, in various sizes
– LED tea lights


1) Apply a light coat of silver spray paint to the outside of the glass jars. Immediately spray with the vinegar solution. Let dry for one minute.

2) Apply spray paint again, then let dry for 3 to 5 minutes. Dab the wet areas gently with dry paper towels to create a mercury glass effect.

3) Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until the jars are covered. Multiple coats may be added until the desired finish is achieved. Let dry completely.

4) Wrap the white washi tape randomly around the jar, leaving silver paint exposed, to resemble mummy wrapping.

5) Hot-glue two googly eyes next to each other, about 1 1/2”–2” from the top of the jar, and drop in an LED tea light.


Easy and cute, right? If you’re doing this last-minute, and you’re short on time, I think they would still be adorable even if you skipped painting the jars and went right to wrapping the jars up in washi tape.

Do you have any last-minute Halloween decorations in your arsenal? I’m always on the lookout for quick (and good-looking!) ideas. Apple votives are another one I love. You?

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