Apple Votive DIY

Apple Votive DIY

Let’s make apple votives! This is the ideal fall project. It’s simple, it’s easy, and you probably have everything you need to make these in your house right this minute. They’re the first Martha Stewart project I ever tried (way back in 1997!). And they’re still one of my favorites.

Making apple votives is super easy and doesn’t take much time at all. The finished display is so pretty and festive it makes for a really satisfying project.

Apple Votive DIY
Apple Votive DIY
Apple Votive DIY
Apple Votive DIY
Apple Votive DIY
Apple Votive DIY
Apple Votive DIY
Apple Votive DIY
Apple Votive DIY

How to Make Apple Votives

Gather supplies. You’ll need apples, votive candles, a craft knife and a spoon.

Apple Votive DIY

Before you begin, float all your apples in water. Some will float with their tops up, others won’t. Pick a few of the top-facing apples for your votives.

Apple Votive DIY

First step, rest a votive on top of an apple and use the craft knife to trace around it. You’re just tracing, you don’t need to press hard.

Second, move the votive and make straight cuts the depth of the craft knife all around the circle you traced. Try to cut straight down (it helps me to imagine the straight edge of the votive).

Apple Votive DIY

Third, slice across your cut circle 3 times, as if cutting it into pie pieces.

Apple Votive DIY

Fourth, use a small spoon to scoop out the apple pieces. They should come out easily.

Fifth, after removing the apple pieces, your votive may slide right in, flush with the apple, but if it doesn’t quite fit, you can use the spoon to dig out a little more.

Apple Votive DIY

Last, place your votive in the apple. It’s ready to float and light!

Apple Votive DIY
Apple Votive DIY

46 thoughts on “Apple Votive DIY”

    1. Yes, yes! We’ve used apple votives as part of our Halloween decor and they are magical.

      And there are always funny comments about “really adventurous bobbing for apples”.

  1. So gorgeous. Inspiring for a trunk or treat decorations! How long do these last? Could I make them a day ahead, and then light them the next night, or do they apples get too squishy?

    1. Great question, Kipin! The exposed part of the apple (under the candle) will turn brown after an hour or so, the way apples do. But, since the candle covers and hides the brown, the apples still look quite good, even on the second day. So I would say yes: you can prepare them a day ahead. But I wouldn’t do more than a day.

    1. Yes! It’s an especially good project if you have access to a neighbor with an apple tree. Windfall apples that are too bumped up to eat will do just fine as apple votives.

  2. Wonderful!
    We use to do this at the 6th of December, when we celebrate St. Nikolaus, for a table decor. It’s so simple, beautiful and pure.
    But your idea to put them into a vintage “bottich” and mix it with normal apples as a welcome ritual for fall is just great! I will copy that… :-))

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  19. Do you think this would work with the 2″-3″ votive candles? I was thinking this might be a cool decoration at my Fall wedding next year.

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