Animal Track Valentines — Plus a Free Printable!

Here’s a super cute option for your Valentines! And it’s an easy one too. Print and trim the free printable, and attach an inexpensive rubber stamp. That’s it! Yes, it’s candy free, and yes, it’s appealing to all sorts of kids. Who wouldn’t love a little stamp with animal feet!

And bonus, the printable is a little ruler, so your kids can measure any real animal footprints they come across. Best valentine ever!

Now, let’s get to it!

stamp-valentine 7
stamp-valentine 5
stamp-valentine 2

You can find animal track stamps in the craft store or find them online.

Print, cut, stick and you’re done!

stamp-valentine 9


– Free printable animal track measuring cards
rubber stamps
glue dots or double-sided tape

stamp-valentine 10

Print the cards, cut them out and then use two glue dots to stick one stamp to each card. The stamps need that extra dot to make sure they stay in place.

stamp-valentine 11

Sign names on the backside and they are ready to go!

stamp-valentine 3
stamp-valentine 4


Credits: Photos by Amy Christie. Graphic design by Annie Galloway.

11 thoughts on “Animal Track Valentines — Plus a Free Printable!”

  1. I love this Valentine idea! The stamp is adorable, and I can see that being a popular gift idea.

    And I think it’s because I just read the article below this morning (or my mind wouldn’t be on the topic of stalking!) but I think a phrase like “You stop me in my tracks, Valentine” would work equally well. Valentine’s Day is AWESOME for the relatively normalized, widely accepted use of puns– the ones that just make everyone groan on any other day :)

    Also speaking of which, did you hear there is a new pun-based game coming out called Punderdome? I’m pretty excited for it.

  2. My son’s class is celebrating on Thursday afternoon, because we have a PD day on Friday and Monday is province-wide Family Day. So quite far removed from the actual day. I made the sucker valentines that I tagged you on in Instagram. We LOVE them.

  3. The school where my boys go don’t celebrate holidays but they let the kids hand-out valentines. I’m the room parent for 5-6th class so I offered to bring in a treat or something tomorrow. I’m waiting to hear. Isn’t it Lincoln’s birthday too?

  4. This is such a sweet idea! Love the stamps too. My son’s 3rd grade class is studying fossils, and these fossil stamps would also be cute –

    My son’s 3rd grade class is celebrating Friendship Day tomorrow. Tons of kids are out with the flu, so it will be a low key party. The teacher has also banned all sugary treats, so I look forward to seeing how creative the students will be (your ideas have been wonderful).

  5. My son just had his Valentine’s party for 1st grade. But things are changing in school quickly. For instance, there are no home baked goods anymore. Eventually candies will be out as well bc of hidden peanut products due to allergies for some kids. Honestly, Valentine’s is fun but I’m sick of it and I’m sure America is sick of it as well. We are living in modern times, not in the 1900s time. Also, isn’t it too much to have Halloween party, Christmas party, Valentine’s party, Easter party, 4th of July party and kids’ birthday parties for all the candy? It’s too much! Unless we swap candies for playdohs, creative things, healthy snacks, or whatever. Enough of candy for every celebration. It has gotten way out of control right now. Just saying my opinion. America needs to change the way we celebrate over candy!

  6. Love this idea! I look forward to your Valentines posts each year. This year, we created lego hearts “Never Lego my heart” for my kindergartner, which was so much fun. My preschooler has applesauce “You’re awesomesauce” cards. Our school is celebrating tomorrow as Monday there is no school for President’s Day. I really LOVE valentines day and hope it never goes away. A day where we tell people that we love them can’t hurt anyone!! At home, we decorate the house and do silly little gifts and notes for each other randomly all month.

  7. I love those stamps, super cute!

    This is my daughter’s first year in school and I’m fascinated by the trend of giving a small toy or candy along with a card. It’s been years since I did Valentine’s in elementary school but it was always just a card. So that’s what I’ve planned for my daughter to take into school tomorrow… it will be interesting to see what she comes home with!

  8. I’m totally doing this next year. I was scared of being the mom that went over board so I just went with a piece of candy. Needless to say, we’ll be doing stamps next year! love this idea, thanks!

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