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Two little stories and some questions:

1) The other day, I saw a picture of myself and remembered I need braces. I had braces as a teenager — it was actually my freshman year of college — but they have since gone a bit wonky on top. I confess, I was never good about wearing my retainer. : )

2) Our friend Olya came to visit last week. During one conversation she mentioned that eyelid surgery, botox and fillers were really popular where she lives — even for women in their twenties. I was shocked! I’m not sure I know any one in real life who has tried any of these procedures.

Both of these stories have me thinking. Yes, I would definitely be interested in having my teeth fixed and no, botox has never crossed my mind, but they are probably equally invasive. It makes me wonder, what do you consider cosmetic surgery? What’s okay with you and what’s not? Are botox and breast augmentation the same in your book? How about teeth whitening? Or laser treatments for spider veins? Are there any lines you draw when considering cosmetic procedures? Maybe nothing that requires general anesthesia? Are cosmetic procedures common where you live? If yes, are women secretive about it, or is it out in the open. I’m so curious!

Also, back to my teeth for a minute, are braces on a 30-something too tacky to even think about?

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  1. My mother-in-law just got her braces off, and she’s in her late 40s! She’s so glad she did it. Braces are much less noticeable nowadays and it didn’t look out of place on her. She just feels so much more confident now!

  2. If I had the money I would certainly be doing non-invasive stuff, like laser vein therapy, teeth whitening, etc. I’m in my early thirties, and would not rule out Botox down the road, although it does scare me a bit. After children I will most likely need breast reduction (like my mother), so I’m prepared for that, which is a big surgery. I had terrible teeth as a child, had braces twice, and really should get them again now. Invisalign is a great option for adults, as long as you don’t need major changes I think. ;)

  3. I have two good friends who both got braces in their thirties. Neither of them had to wear them very long and all of us got used to them right away so that they weren’t a big deal at all. I’m also considering – thumbs down to retainers ;)

  4. A friend of mine recently had the invisible version of braces (can’t remember the exact name). After less then a year and two different phases she is done with it and happy.
    Very different from what my experience as a teenager indeed…
    People around us are pretty opened about these questions, mind you, it’s the Netherlands….
    Personally, I am not against any procedure for myself or others, but :
    A. am a tad too scared of surgery and anesthesia or do not feel the need enough to go over that fear. despite my big left ear and long nose.
    B. wouldn’t dare trying anything serious botox or face changing surgery (unless corrective) which I often think take people further than they need without them being able to see it.
    I’ll like to reread this comment in few years though….

  5. My friend’s mom just got her braces off…she’s in her 50’s and looks fabulous! She got the clear kind so they weren’t as noticeable. I think you should go for it! What better time than now?

    As for other cosmetic procedures, I’m not really sure. My mom had her boobs done after 5 babies, and after one myself, I can see what she means by “deflated”. :) It’s one of those things, though, that is kind of like tattoos and piercings. Why change your body when it’s such a gift in the first place? But then again, the braces, etc. Kinda the same thing. So, who knows?

  6. I am thinking about getting Invisalign, which are basically a series of retainers that are used to straighten your teeth instead of bulky braces. I too had retainers as a kid (although never braces), and I too NEVER wore them like I should, and I believe my teeth are more crooked today than they have ever been! Sigh…

  7. go for the braces. i had them in my late 20’s and may get them again some time. my cousin just got hers off, and she’s in her early 40’s. and as far as changing me, i’m happy the way i am…..but braces are a fine option for just that pretty smile.

  8. I also had braces as a teenager and my teeth kind of shifted back a little. So in my thirties, right before my wedding I decided to go for Invisalign. Best decision ever. Very discreet and easy maintenance and I was done with them in 7 months. Now I just wear the last retainer every other night, to sleep and that’s it! I love the result! :)

    1. I have the same story, Renata. Braces in high school, teeth shifted, so recently at age 38, I got Invisalign. It is spendier than braces but worth it because no one can really tell I’m wearing them, which I like. There’s nothing like a beautiful smile…. I say, DO IT Gabrielle!

      As far as everything else, to each their own. If it makes you happy and if you’re smart and safe about the procedure, then great. I do, however, agree that less is more. I’ve done botox a few times and probably will again. I want to look my age, just the relaxed, refreshed version of my age.

  9. You are never to old to take pride in your appearance. I put my braces on for the second time when I was 31. It only took about 18 months the second time around and he put on the clear for no extra cost. I am so glad I did it. Go for it! You only live once.

  10. lots of people I know (my age) have braces. not so many with cosmetic procedures, but there are some. the friends of mine that have had them done either had breast augmentation or a tummy tuck, both of which scare me to death. not for me! :)

  11. I had braces as a teenager, and again at age 47. I am a teacher and unconsciously grind my teeth while I sleep.

    MANY times, I was told my braces made me look younger! Better yet, my headaches and ear pain went away afterwards.

    Go for it, DM!

  12. I’m only in my 20s but the most I’ve ever had done was get an ugly mole removed before my wedding. That was cosmetic not medical. Someday I’d like to have laser hair removal on my legs and maybe eye correction surgery (only cosmetic if you think I look bad in glasses!).

  13. My mom got braces in her 50’s! And never regretted it. She even had the full metal tracks! Now you can get very discrete braces that are much easier to deal with.

  14. My mom had braces in her late 30’s and I didn’t think it was weird at the time (I was about 10, it was the late 1980’s), but with Invisalign out now it is even less weird. I’d definitely recommend that, I have a lot of friends that have used them with amazing results.

    I lived in the OC for 6 years, not to mention being a beauty blogger, so I think my idea of what is “ok” is a bit skewed. I have a lot of friends that have had things done, an ex-sister in law that is now one of the preferred Botox docs in the LA area for strippers (!!! Apparently she doesn’t dilute as much as other docs?? I don’t know, this doesn’t come up in my medical practice. Not much botoxing in the PICU) and just the overall increased availability of these things as I get older has somewhat changed my perspective.

    Currently, my view is that it is completely fine to do whatever you feel comfortable with, that makes you feel better about your body, but also looks NATURAL. So, my friend that got implants after her kids deflated her via breast feeding… that’s totally fine since she went B cup and it looks like she should be that size. Our mutual friend that went DD on her size 2 body and wants to upgrade to E… meh, not so ok in my book. Same for Botoxing your face in to a frozen state (half of Orange County is like that and it made it a bit odd to go to the mall), lasering your teeth ultra white (remember the Friends episode with Ross’s glowing teeth? The correct shade is the same as the whites of your eyes), etc.

    Personally, I’ve been using Crest white strips lately for a little whiteness boost, I have an at home hair laser machine and wish I could afford the pro version (I’m tired of that extra time in the shower) and I love going for a professional facial. I’m not really likely to do anything more invasive that those things. I’m trying to take care of myself, use good anti-aging skin care products and wear sunscreen everyday. I hope to never be tempted by a face lift!

    1. I’m with you on the breast augmentation, Christine. Well put. Gabrielle, get the braces…it is temporary and will be worth it for years! Love the picture of your daughter!

  15. I’m getting clear braces next week and I’m 41. I can’t wait. I should have had them when I was a kid and I’ve put it off as an adult until now. The plan for me is also to have a permanent retainer behind my teeth when the braces are removed.
    Otherwise, I’m happy with my wrinkles – no Botox for me. I believe they add character – and I can raise my eyebrows!

  16. do the Invisalign, instead of metal braces. I think they are more for adults?

    As for the cosmetic surgery…we live on Miami Beach…South Beach actually and it is waaaaay to common and so the norm. I myself have not had any procedures (besides braces when I was 11), but I have many friends who botox, plump up their lips, break their noses (ouch!), lipo thighs and of course the breasts! I have to admit, sometimes I feel like I’d love to get a breast augmentation, but then I fall back into the thinking that God made me this way and that’s just fine with me. Plus, I have a daughter (and a son) and I was her (him) to be proud of their bodies and not give into the pressure of perfect that unfortunately surrounds us.

    As for my friends who have done these things, they are still wonderful people and have great depth of character. Each of them has a different reason for their procedure and I’m not judging them. I just have to do what’s bets for me.

    Lastly, the most disturbing thing is at least 75% of the radio advertisements in Miami are for cosmetic procedures. That gives you an idea of just how common it is. Even the radio DJs do promos. It’s rampant (and sort of groses me out to hear about vaginal rejuvenation at 8am with my kids in the car). Anywho…

  17. I had braces 3 times, a palate expander, and 13 teeth pulled. I suppose braces are usually just cosmetic, but it’s such a common thing. I really don’t think it’s wrong to do something if it will legitimately give you more confidence (like straight teeth). I had breast reduction when I was 19– it was largely to help back problems, but a huge aspect of it was cosmetic as well. I think it was one of the best decisions I have ever made– even at such a young age.
    I’ll admit I’m all for the “mommy makeover” and I think a little botox never hurt anyone. I want to always look natural– I would never want anyone to be able to tell just by looking at me I had any “work” done. But there is a very fine line between vanity and just wanting to look your best. If I had to get braces as an adult, I would definitely do invisalign! Maybe because I’m vain. :)

  18. I know quite a few women who had braces again in their thirties and maybe forties, including my mom and I think she was in her thirties when she did it again. It’s not too long to look a little dorky. But you do seem to have a beautiful smile as it is, I would never think you needed them again.

  19. I had braces as a kid, never wore my retainer, and had to get them again at 23. HATED IT. And it didn’t help that I’m a high school teacher — I didn’t necessarily like sharing that characteristic with my students. However, I see adults all the time with braces — no biggie. Go for it if it will make you feel better. I had the clear kind (which weren’t all that clear to me), but they have the Invisaligns, too (which are pretty much invisible). See if you’re eligible for those (I heard they’re considerably more expensive, though).

    As for cosmetic procedures, I’ve never had a desire to do Botox or anything like that, but I do plan to get my teeth whitened one day. I’m a big tea drinker, so you can imagine that my teeth are not as white as they should be. Also, I won’t say I’ll never have a procedure that will make me *ahem* slimmer in some places. I don’t PLAN to, but I’m not going to sit here and say “never!” As for adding anything to my body — no need, honey. I have plenty in all the areas folks tend to add to! :)

  20. I am TOTALLY thinking about braces! Like you, I had them in my younger days, but my teeth could use a little straightening. I know a few adults who have used Invisalign with great results!

    As for the rest, I live in Orange County, so you can guess how common cosmetic procedures are. ;) (psst…EVERYONE) However, I haven’t caved yet!

  21. hi gabrielle!

    i am 31 and have braces! grr! started with invisalign, but due to some stubborn teeth we have to go the conventional route. it’s definitely worth it. just never thought i would be married with a little one AND braces.


  22. My teeth are pretty crooked. My parents never wanted to shell out for braces. I don’t want to shell out for them now either. I have a friend who had a boob job and that’s all I think about when I see her.

  23. I totally need braces, and am thinking about it. But other kinds of stuff? Nah- I’m even reluctant to die my gray hairs, isn’t that so funny?

  24. Traditional braces on a 30-something married mother…yes, a bit tacky. I’ve heard great things about Invisalign, though! My 65 yr old boss at my former job even had them and I never knew until one day I walked into his office when he had the mold thingy out.

  25. i say go for it on the braces–if you’re not sure about whether you’ll feel strange as an adult with regular braces, there are a lot of other options these days. definitely nothing wrong with straightening your teeth if they bother you.

    as for cosmetic procedures, i’d say that there are definitely a few fine lines between many of the procedures available today. there are invasive vs. non-invasive (for example, botox vs. breast augmentation–to me both are purely cosmetic but one is much less invasive than the other). there are also procedures that i think can be classified as cosmetic, but that solve a real medical issue. rhinoplasty as the solution for a deviated septum that causes breathing issues being one, and upper eyelid surgery for someone whose eyelids have actually drooped to the point of cutting off some peripheral vision. if a true medical issue exists, many times health insurance may actually pay for the procedure. so yes, i think that there are a lot of subtle differences between procedures, and i tend to take the stance that the choice of whether or not to have something done is up to the individual and none of my business. although i am pretty much completely against having something done that isn’t medically necessary if your body has not finished maturing (i.e. breast augmentation for teenagers).

  26. Definitely agree with the comments – braces are perfectly fine to consider in your 30s. I got mine in my 20s – once I got a job and could pay for them myself! I have friends who just got theirs off – they are almost 40. It may be more difficult for people in different professions (i.e., a CEO of a bank might have a tough time pulling off braces), but I think most people can manage just fine. ;-)

    I personally wouldn’t do botox or other types of cosmetic procedures, but it’s an interesting thought that it might not be that different than getting your teeth straightened or whitened. Hadn’t really thought of it that way. I guess everybody does what makes them comfortable, and most people can’t afford to spend money on such things anyway. I always say “to each his own”, or “Chacun son goût”.

  27. Braces on your teeth are very different to me from injections or surgeries. I don’t see them as any different from the braces I had to wear as a child to straighten my legs. But when you start cutting or injecting things, that to me crosses a line. I’ve had several surgeries, but all were medically necessary – I’d never consider a surgery simply to make myself look better. To me, it’s a form of pride that bugs me. We’re all made in God’s image – do we think we know better than God what we should look like? It bugs me. I wish we as women could be accepting and happy with our bodies. Take care of them, yes. Exercise, eat right, dress nice, sure. But surgically modify? Unless you have a health problem, I don’t see the point.

  28. I’ve seen women our age where braces. My bottom row are getting crowded because I never had my wisdom teeth removed. The dentist wanted me to get invisiline (sp?) after having my bottom wisdom teeth removed but the oral surgeon told me I didn’t need to! So unless they start going sideways I’m not doing it. I wore braces on top and I had the most hideous headgear to wear at night. I wasn’t good about wearing my retainer either. On the other things: I may consider spider vein removal in the future if it gets worse, I say no to botox, and If I can’t see well in the future I may get an eyelift. Gravity is really a bummer sometimes!

  29. I had braces applied at the age of 51. I did not need them until my wisdom teeth belatedly made an appearance in my 30’s. I lived with a crooked tooth for 15+ years because it didn’t move. Then it did. It was either a buttonhole in my upper lip to accommodate it, or braces. After almost three years they are off. My teeth are relatively straight and I am religious about wearing my retainers. The amazing thing is the full range of motion I now have in my jaw as well as the absence of the clicking noise I had developed when eating. All plusses. It was not vanity at all, but a somewhat necessary procedure to help ensure a pain-free jaw in my older age, I think.

  30. I’m totally against procedures. I think that people should be more “real” than they are. But then I look down at my belly- the abdominal muscles of which still haven’t fused together 2.5 years after having my last kid and I think- “I really need a tummy tuck””. So obviously I can see why people want to have stuff “done”, but I wish that we could all be happier with our bodies.

    Teeth are another story. Go braces!

  31. Had braces as a child (upper only) and they have slowly moved back. Just visited a new dentist and found that all my teeth problems are due to the poor alignment. So, it will be braces for me!

    As for other procedures — I have considered breast reduction/lift but have a fear of general anesthesia. Can’t imagine being a mother (to 3 so far) and dying on the operating table. And, for what? So that my breasts look more perky? For shame.

    Botox is something that is on my mind. I have a friend who has used it in the past and was happy with the results. It would probably be okay if it was used sparingly, you know?

  32. I think braces are totally different. Yes, they are cosmetic in that they make a prettier smile but straight teeth are also less prone to decay b/c they are easier to clean. Plus, teeth that are out of alignment can wear and cause tooth damage. And I think insurance should cover the full cost of braces the same as for cleanings.

    As for other cosmetic surgeries, to each his own, but I opt to age as gracefully and naturally as I can. I think some people who have had plastic surgery look unnatural and kind of freakish (perhaps the ones who have had too much). I wouldn’t want to look any different than God intended…unless I get a turkey neck. I might do something about that ;)

  33. I had the clear “braces” known as Invisaligners a couple of years ago. Even though I am in my mid-30’s, it is the best money that I have ever spent. I always wanted and needed braces but was never able to have them until recently. Straight teeth have made such a difference in my confidence. I actually smile for pictures now!
    All of these little procedures are a personal thing. If it makes you feel better, go for it. Thanks!

  34. My aunt just got her braces off and she is 53! She never had them when she was younger and she is glad she got them. Never too late in life to love your smile!

    To me, cosmetic procedue is anything that breaks the skin – in jection, cutting, needles, etc. I love the idea of fillers, but while long-term effects are still unknown I will stick to my Sonicare facial brush!

  35. Braces are supposed to move your teeth so they won’t deteriorate too much during the mastication… They also have aestethical effects of course, but they first goal should be to (re)position your teeth correctly in your mouth, so the top ones “opposite” the bottom ones while you eat! I wouldn’t consider braces an aesthetic/cosmetic treatment.
    Cosmetic surgery in my opinion is only for people who think that their bodies aren’t “right” (including people who want to change sex). I would never never do it, but if someone is old enough, aware of the risk and of the possible consequences and really really motivated, why not?

    1. I sure wish our medical/dental insurance company saw it that way. Braces are terribly cost prohibitive for us right now and my 10 year old daughter really needs them. The only other option they are giving us for her tooth problems is extraction. She had 2 permanent teeth that are coming in behind other teeth… awkward!

  36. That’s such a good topic! I’ve always thought about those procedures and tried to figure out where I stand on them. I’m totally ok with braces and teeth whitening but when it comes to breast augmentations and really invasive things like that, I don’t know if I could do it. In my opinion it comes down to the motivation behind doing those things.

  37. I love that you brought this up because it drives me crazy when people assert their righteous indignation on women who choose to have their breasts augmented or their lips Botoxed, yet these are the same people (usually also women) who have had braces, color/cut their hair, shave/wax/laser their bodies, and otherwise alter their appearance on a daily basis.

    I don’t think the cost of surgery can be scorned (you know: How can you spend $$$ on new boobs when there are starving people in the world?). After all, how much money is spent on a lifetime of coloring your hair or buying makeup, or a new car, or remodeling your kitchen? And I don’t think the love-what-God-gives-you argument holds, either (unless you never wear makeup, never do anything to your hair, never get braces for yourself or your children), because let’s face it: 99% of us do things to ourselves on a daily basis that change what God naturally gave us, whether permanently or not. And if we’re doing it daily, then it might as well be permanent, right?

    Like another commenter, I think the real question is not whether cosmetic surgery/procedures are questionable, but whether or not UNNATURAL procedures are questionable. Getting your breasts augmented to a natural size after nursing children, and covering said-new-breasts in a conservative manner except when you’re in the bedroom with your significant other: I can’t begrudge that. We all do things to change the way we look; as long as these things are somewhat natural and relatively modest, I see no problem with it. I’ve never had anything that’s considered “cosmetic” done, but you better believe I slap on my undereye concealer and mascara every morning! :)

    1. Bravo!
      I’ve thought a lot about this debate, especially because I want a happy, healthy, confident young daughter.

      I want her to feel secure in herself without putting too much emphasis on her appearance. My mom took me to get electrolysis on my eyebrows at 15, and every few weeks I’d come home with ice packs on my face. Nobody teased me about my eyebrows, but my mom was embarrassed of her own, and thought she was helping me. But once we started getting treatments, was self-conscious about the eyebrows I had and in pain over the parts I got rid of.

      It’s a fine line to model good behavior–I shave, wax, wear makeup, get haircuts, paint my nails. I may even consider some type of surgery when I’m done having babies, so I can feel like myself again. But I hope to never put those pressures on my daughter. If she asks for help or guidance, I’ll happily give it to her. If she’s fine with herself, I hope to let it be.*

      I like your message of keeping things “somewhat natural and relatively modest,” so your best self shines through. I think that’s the best & healthiest message for our kids and ourselves.

      And Gabrielle–don’t sweat getting braces! They’re not like 20 years ago–most of my friends have/had them and have been thrilled with the result.

      (* we’ll see if this holds in 13 years!)

  38. I think the general anesthesia rule is a good one. I’m not a fan of anything that is life-threatening and that includes being put under for a procedure. I’m not utterly against it for myself one day but I would very carefully consider it before taking the plunge (which I think is how the majority of people are!)

    There’s a cute lady in my ward in her 70s who recently had braces. And she still looked great! You have to take care of your teeth, they’re important! :)

    1. I completely see what you’re saying about drawing the line at general anesthesia. Why put yourself at risk for something optional and cosmetic?

      On the other hand, don’t we all put our lives at risk every time we get behind the wheel? Of course, if we’re driving to work, that’s a chore that must be done. But if we’re driving to have dinner with our friends, or to the movie, or to Vegas, isn’t that unnecessarily putting our lives in danger?

      Just a thought. But I definitely see where you’re coming from.

  39. Our society has made us all go haywire to “fix” our imperfections! (I’m going to go ahead and blame Hollywood for that) I don’t know why I have no problem with teeth whitening/braces, but I don’t. After all, I had braces solely for cosmetic reasons in high school. Actually, I could use them again because my dog ate my first retainer, and my second retainer never fit right, so instead of going back and making the doctor do it right, I just stopped wearing it. I draw the line at plastic surgery-unless it’s medically necessary. (ex. You’re in a bad car accident and your face needs to be reconstructed. OR, you have to have a mastectomy-because if I had breast cancer, I would just tell them to “TAKE ‘EM OFF! I CAN GET NEW ONES!) For what it’s worth, those are my two cents. Everyone is beautiful in the eyes of the Creator!

  40. My sister in-law is in her late Forties and she just got hers off. It’s not just cosmetic. Teeth shifting can cause problems. I don’t think it’s tacky at all.
    I would love to have tummy tuck! Even if I could afford it I don’t think I could go through with it. For me it feels ridiculous to put myself at risk when I have 3 kids for vanity sake.

  41. I think braces are fine. A number of my friends in their 30s and 40s have them. I am actually considering them as well – had braces as a teen – now teeth have gone a little crooked and can feel odd or uncomfortable at times (I’ve heard pregnancy can contribute to that – gums get so soft, etc.). I would erase spider veins or whiten my teeth – would also consider breast reduction. Botox? Hmmm… not sure about that.

  42. I know I am biased because I am a dentist, but in most cases, I don’t think braces are cosmetic. Yes, the result is wonderful, and there are a few patients that want them to correct minor issues, but when the teeth are correctly aligned, it is usually so much easier to clean the gums correctly, to have less debris get caught in the teeth and also, if the bite is corrected, often times there is less stress on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Again, I know I’m biased. As for botox and other things, I am against it for myself, I live in southern california and am shocked at the number of people who do their breasts and get other procedures. I don’t think it’s worth the risk, especially if you have children. Although as I get older, I’m curious about non-surgical procedures, like lasers, but gee, so expensive. My mother is all for that stuff, but my husband, thinks there is something crazy about women who do those things.

  43. I take pride in my appearance but, often pause when I do something that changes my appearance….asking myself why what I have isn’t good enough. I do not wear makeup because I think it is odd to “paint” my face to make myself look different than I am. I sometimes wear nail polish but, always pause to ask myself why. The gray hairs started about a year ago. I don’t think I’ll cover them but, am wise enough to never say never. I had braces as a child and think it is interesting that I never thought of braces as “changing” my appearance but, now realize that is exactly what I did. There is a line somewhere and I am aware that I move it to fit my needs. Today, I am wearing a necklace and as I put it on asked myself why I needed jewelrey to adorn myself. I left it on.

  44. I just got a mole removed on my face. I also have ptosis. So once my eye starts to really droop, I will definitely get an eye lift. Once I stop breastfeeding I will also get my teeth whiten. So, yes if it makes you happy, I’d say go for it!

  45. I have mixed feelings concerning cosmetic procedures. I find it is a very personal and controversial topic, everyone having their opinion. I personally have my “considered” procedures and my “never- to- be considered” procedures…all theoretical for now.

    I have several friends that are now under the care of an ortho and wearing braces. If you are worried about looking juvenile or tacky you could consider invisi-line.
    Orthodontic care is not only cosmetic. If your teeth are misaligned it can cause great discomfort and possibly TMJ or worse. After having just completed ortho care for all but one of our 6 children, my husband and my teeth/jaw are now giving us trouble…
    $o our ortho office will be renaming their office after us very soon, I’m $ure. ;)

  46. I vote for getting braces regardless of age. I had mine as a teen, but if I hadn’t, you can bet that I’d have them now!

    Plastic surgeries for the sake of looking more attractive have never really been something I considered doing myself. I don’t have any problems with them in general, but just not for me. However, a breast reduction WILL happen for this girl someday. When I am 100% certain that we’re done having children and I have cash in hand, I’m doing it. Less back pain, increased ability to exercise and easier clothes shopping are just a couple of the reasons I’ll go through that surgery.

  47. i think braces and fixing problems with your teeth are a lot different than botox and injections and plastic surgery. your teeth are functional things that need to be relatively straight and uncrowded in order to work properly, it’s not necessarily a vanity issue. the plastic surgery things and botox kind of stuff just don’t sit well with me. maybe i’ll feel different in 10 years, though!

  48. I would say go for the braces. A periodontist-friend of mine told me that the reason someone older would get braces aside from aesthetics was to make sure the teeth were straightened and the roots would not touch each other as this made teeth deteriorate and eventually fall off in older age. It’s a way of preserving your teeth!

    As to all the other things, I’m too scared of needles and anesthesia and wouldn’t risk anything specially since I have young kids.

  49. I agree with several of the other comments. Invisalign is the way to go. My little sister just finished her year in them with fantastic results. My older sister and I are so jealous that she never had to deal with the big bulky silver brackets in high school like we did!

  50. Oh trust me, there are women you know who have had botox. It’s all over groupon these days, selling like hotcakes! I have never had the procedure, but I have sisters and in-laws who have, and none of them live in L.A. or the OC. While it is widely accepted on reality t.v., it is still considered ‘extreme’ by many people, which is why I think many women who have the procedure don’t talk about it.
    I don’t think botox is a big deal, however, I have seen how one relative has become ‘addicted’ to it and now her face is looking quite unnatural. When used in moderation, to make someone feel a little better about themselves, I say it’s fine.

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