Flora June Blair’s Birth Photos. Sort of.

Did I tell you we had a photographer arranged for June’s birth? And did I tell you that the first time we met in real life was in the hospital room while I was mostly naked? And I did I further tell you that the birth was so speedy that the baby arrived before the photographer?

It’s true. It’s all true.

The photographer’s name is Michelle. She’s one-half of the talented husband-wife duo that makes up Revert Photo. Michelle sent the birth photos yesterday (I guess technically they are the after-the-birth photos). I think they turned out wonderfully and I’m so glad we have a record of that night. I’m including a few of my favorites here.

Glistening eyes after receiving eyedrops.

Why am I still in agony? Because those after-birth contractions hurt like the devil. Like. The. Devil.

We’ve never had a photographer at a birth before, and thought it was great to have someone there recording everything so that Ben Blair and I could love on the baby and experience what was happening. What about you? Did you have a photographer at your child’s birth? Would you if you could do it again?

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  1. Congratulations and thanks for sharing such wonderful images of your sweet baby’s birth. I love being a mother to four and a professional photographer! The moment when parents first meet their newborn is so full of the most authentic emotion and love that I have ever witnessed (or felt!) To be entrusted with the privilege of capturing that is priceless, as there are no “retakes.” With a birth photographer, both parents can focus on the intimate birth experience and the photographer can handle the technical and artistic stuff. A pro photographer can remedy unflattering hospital/ dim lighting, and avoid “awkward” angles. I am so passionate about birth photography that I’d recommend hiring a pro or at least having a “designated photographer” on call if at all possible.

  2. Beautiful photos. We did have a photographer for the birth of our daughter 6 months ago. I didn’t even notice her in the room. Her work was spectacular and I am really thrilled to have that record of her birth.

  3. I love this post!
    It made me nostalgic for all my births.
    And made me long for having another.
    I only have 4, so you and your 6 inspire me for sure!
    About the photographer.
    I wanted to have one there..
    But it happened 10 days early and no one I had asked was ready or available.
    It all turned out OK though.
    My sister in law was there and she captured some of the most precious pictures of the whole thing.
    I treasure them all.
    I will never be able to look at them and not tear up as I remember those wonderful moments.
    If I am lucky enough to have baby # 5, I will try again to have a photographer there.
    It’s very much worth it.
    Here’s the post with the pics, if you are interested:
    Love from,

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