38 Awesome Gift Ideas for Teens

Top Gift Ideas for Teens featured by top life and style blog, Design Mom: image of wrapped holiday gifts

Your #1 most requested gift guide category? Teens! This gift guide includes 38 options — 18 of those are $20 or under. Lots of great stocking stuffers too.

My own teens were a huge help figuring out what to put on this list. There’s something here for every type of teen you can think of. I’ve got all the Breakfast Club stereotypes covered, and a whole bunch more as well.

Let’s get started. 

Old-School Label Maker, $12.
No plug. No batteries. Just a tool, some tape, and rad raised lettering that you can stick on jars or books or your phone case. We have a couple of these and they are irresistible to teens and tweens. Heads up: It comes pre-loaded with one roll, but you’re going to want more label tape.

Kate Spade Pearl Studs, $25.
Every earring collection needs a pair of simple pearls.

Pocket Projector, $50
It connects to their phone via bluetooth and turns any blank wall into a screen. And yes, it’s small enough to fit in a pocket.

Button-Maker, $259
We invested in this professional-grade Tecre Model 100 button maker ten years ago, and it’s still going strong! It has been used at dozens of parties, loaned out to friends, and has assisted in countless student government campaigns. There’s no electricity needed with these, you’re just looking for a heavy duty well-made machine. Teens (and adults) love designing their own buttons, or making buttons from any random image they find. Note: the 100 refers to the size — our machine makes 1 inch buttons; other model numbers make bigger buttons.

Photo Clip Lights, $16
These are so great! You get a string of 50 clips — and the clips are the lights. Perfect for hanging up polaroid pics, postcards, drawings, tarot cards, or whatever your teens prefer to hang on their walls.

Countertop Pebble Ice Maker, $389
Okay. I know this one is a splurge. But HELLO pebble ice.

Taotree Fineliner 24-Color Pen Set, $8
In 0.38 mm for a fine line. This is a set of 24 colors. Perfect for journaling, and based on reviews, these are beloved.

Bendable Magnetic Pick-Up Tool, $8
I didn’t understand what this was when I first saw the image, but when I read the description I thought it was awesome. It’s basically a strong telescoping magnet to help you grab things that have gotten out of reach. Such a cool stocking stuffer. Maybe for your husband or brother too. (Also: great reviews!)

D&D Essentials Kit, $19
If you’ve got a kid who have been curious about D&D (maybe they watched Stranger Things?), this kit is a great way to get started. My son, Oscar, who loves directing D&D games recommended this.

Vintage Typewriter, prices vary.
Ebay is a treasure trove of old school typewriters, and so many of them are super charming. Read the descriptions carefully to make sure you’re buying a working model. Some plug in, others are completely manual. I’ve found that this low-tech stuff is super interesting to Gen Z. (And don’t forget to buy a typewriter ribbon that works with your model!)

Friendship Bracelet Maker, $23
Something to do while watching binging the next favorite show.

Record Player, $46
This is a Victrola 3-Speed record player with bluetooth and built-in speakers. It has great vintage styling, and great reviews too.

Scythe Trilogy, $25
Ben, and me, and our teens, all read this trilogy earlier in the year. We enjoyed it and it prompted all sorts of interesting conversations.

Eno Hammock, $45
Lots of color options and a fan favorite. For your backyard, or a camping trip.

Reliable Portable Charger, $26
Because sometimes phones run out of power right when you need to call your parents and tell them about your change of plans. In Black, red, blue, or white.

Ejaculate Responsibly, $15
A little birdie told me this book is THE stocking stuffer this year.

Canvas Roll-up Pencil Case, $10
Such a simple smart way to keep colored pencils or pens organized. Throw this in your bag and you’ll be ready to doodle at school or church or at your desk at home. The canvas is simple and handsome, but is also calling out to be drawn on. Note: this is just the pencil case, but it would pair well with the fineliner pens I listed above.

Suede Leather Moccasin Slippers, $25
Also way into these suede slippers. They come in navy, red, or tan, and you can get them monogrammed. I think a single initial looks best (click through to see more photos).

Tombow Brush Pens, $10
These are my daughter Olive’s favorite creative pens and they come in lots of different sets with other color options. Perfect for practicing hand lettering.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker — Certified Waterproof, $35
Do you have a kid that likes to sing in the shower?

Wreck This Journal, $11
These are so terrific. They’re probably the coolest journal you’ll ever see and come with instructions on how to paint, poke, create, destroy, and wreck this book to create a journal as unique as your teen.

Gorgeous puzzles from Artisan Books, $20
Introduce them to a really cool artist/designer (like Francis Palmer and John Derian) via a puzzle, while simultaneously giving the family something fun to do after you open presents. I highly recommend this Iconic Watches option, $19.

Top Gift Ideas for Teens featured by top life and style blog, Design Mom: image of watercolor paint set

Watercolor Paint Set, $16
I’ve never seen a watercolor palette presented in such a gorgeous way.

The To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Paperback Collection, $18
The first one was made into 3 Netflix movies and they are great (but the books are better, of course).

Gaming Floor Chair, $110
The blue and white one has an old school diner feel.

Penny Board, $29
Skateboards can be pricey! Start with one of these, and the investment won’t feel like such a punch. They’re cool, and they come in lots of different color combos.

Puffin in Bloom Book Collection, $35
This hardcover book set, with cover art by Rifle Paper Company, is stunning. It includes 4 titles that would improve any personal library — Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, A Little Princess, and Heidi.

White Porcelain Bunny Lamp, $21
This softly glowing creature is endlessly appealing. What a gentle, sweet addition to any bedroom. Click through for other animals (but the bunny is the most elegant).

Slack Line Kit, $60
Have your kid watch some slackline videos on youtube and then head to the backyard or the park to learn a new skill.

US Chess Federation Supreme Triple Weighted Chess Set, $38
This set looks so official, right? And the carrying case makes it easy to bring to Chess Club. No chess club at your school? No problem. Your teen can start one and add that to their college apps. Comes in other colors too (we have green).

3-inch Green Mini Clock, $13
It comes in 6 different colors, but the green and blue are my favorite. Oh, and it’s non-ticking! So it won’t bug anyone who likes to fall asleep in a quiet room. 

How to Stay Alive in the Woods, $12
It’s divided into 4 essential sections — Sustenance, Warmth, Orientation and Safety — and it has excellent reviews. Your teen will approach the upcoming zombie apocalypse with confidence.

Top Gift Ideas for Teens featured by top life and style blog, Design Mom: image of accessory stand

Tosca Accessory Stand, $40
A simple, good-looking organizer designed in Japan. It holds necklaces, bracelets, eyeglasses, a cell phone — and has a tray on the bottom for rings and watches.

A Gorgeous Slingshot, $37
Hella Slingshots are handmade in California, they come in tons of colors and styles — and the company offers felt ammo too.

Punching Bag, $36
I hung one of these in my family room when we lived in New York and had 3 tiny kids. It was an amazing stress reliever! This full-size, affordable version comes flat, and can be filled with whatever you like. (Gloves too!)

Hardcover Journal, $11
I LOVE this journal. It’s available with dot, rules, blank, or grid pages, it has an expandable pocket at the back, it lays flat when it opens so it’s easy to write in, and there’s a pen holder on the spine. Great looking and great details. Available in 5 different colors.

Starter Ukulele, $30
It comes in 10 different colors (I’m really feeling the black version), with all the needed accessories — Canvas Tote Bag, Strap and Picks. They’ll be playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow by New Year’s.

Pro Art Drawing Set, $8
Very affordable, with rave reviews. This set has everything you need to get drawing. Pair it with a sketchbook for a handsome gift.


Your turn! What are you giving to the teens in your life this year? Does anything on this list spark a gift idea for you? I’d love to hear.

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  1. Gabby… I hope you see this! Or other faithful readers – please help!
    What is the electric ukulele that is your go to wedding gift??? Your link didn’t work the time you wrote it up, and then your site crashed… I can imagine how stressful it was, so I didn’t want to bother you. But it’s killing me!!!

    1. Hi Julie. Sorry for the any confusion — we’ve only given an electric ukulele as a wedding gift once. I don’t remember the brand — we just stopped at a music store and picked one out (they only had two electric options). The missing link just went to this one (it looks similar to the one we gave and has good reviews).

  2. This is a fantastic list. I splurged on a chess set that can play by itself. It’s called SquareOff and it works via app. My son is a great player and I am not. This way he can play at his level. The pieces actually move themselves. Hopefully it works as good as it says it does!

  3. We have several of the Eno hammocks and have used them countess times over many years of camping and backyard fun. Love them!

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