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Hello, Friends. How are you? How was your weekend? Ours was good but different than I expected. I started this post on Friday afternoon, and then never had time to finish it. Oh dear! So now you’re getting a Monday edition of Friday links. : )

Some of our weekend activities: 1) An afternoon get together with local friends where we got to see a gorgeous house that was originally a super rustic barn (similar to our cottage). It was so inspiring! 2) Visiting an exhibit featuring Norman Rockwell’s work related to WWI and the Civil Rights Movement. So good! I really appreciated the behind the scenes stuff about his Ruby Bridges illustration. 3) We saw the Downton Abbey movie. Really enjoyed it — and it reminded me of this napkin DIY.

But who cares about the weekend? Let’s get to the good stuff — here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share:

-If you count the money we spend on private insurance premiums, Americans are already taxed like Europeans, and spend enough to fund a European style social services programs.

-“The near impossibility of getting fired as a police officer is only part of the crisis of violence & impunity. An overlooked but significant culprit is mandatory minimum sentencing.” (NYT)

-Are you watching the impeachment news? (With the time change, I never quite know what sort of news I’ll wake up to. It’s so fast moving!)

-Growing up in a family that hosted lots of refugees.

-We’re told #MeToo has ruined men’s lives. How about the women who shared their stories? (Spoiler: they haven’t fared well at all.)

-How do we disrupt a system that continues to throw money into the hands of men who operate with recklessness?

-Mattel launched its first gender-neutral doll.

-We’re awed by Greta Thunberg’s awesomeness (and we should be!). Let’s also get equally awed about all these trailblazing young climate leaders — from the Amazon to Nigeria.

-Related, Greta’s campaign has brought out a fierce backlash from misogynists.

Digging this grid sweater.

-Woah. Research shows that Martha was likely added to the Mary Magdalene story in edits in an attempt to downplay Mary’s power.

-In which I admit I don’t like it when my husband buys me flowers.

Here are some really good Twitter links I saved for you:

-An octopus changing colors while dreaming.


-A fascinating thread about the town of Boley, Oklahoma and an attempt to rob their famous bank. (Fair warning, there’s lots of cussing.)

-Hahahah! The Greta Thunberg Helpline.

-Followers responded to her query with accessible stress-relief ideas.


I hope you had such a wonderful weekend. I’m glad you’re back. I missed you.


P.S. — Happy October! Our Halloween will be different this year — in fact, our first two-week school break happens over Halloween. And there’s not a pumpkin in sight! But if you need some inspiration, check out this link.

3 thoughts on “A Few Things”

  1. Love the new twitter section! I’m not on Twitter so it is a great way to catch up without needing to devote more time to social media.

  2. The comments section in the Mary/Martha article is wild – mostly not in a good way, but in a “this is everything that’s wrong with the internet” kind of way.

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