Ask Design Mom: Preparing for Baby – Bathing/Diapering

This is part 3 of a 5 part answer. You can find links to the other parts here.

In the Bathing/Diapering category, this is what I like to have for a new baby:

Umbilicus Care.
For the first week or so, I just sponge bathe the baby till the umbilical cord stump dries out and falls off. To care for the stump, I like to have rubbing alcohol and cotton balls and q-tips on hand. Although, I hear that rubbing alcohol isn’t even necessary. Apparently water works just fine.

I’ve typically used a baby bath on the bathroom counter or kitchen table until the baby can properly sit up. But have you seen this new collapsible one by Puj? I really want to try it. It seems like such a space saver and I could fill it directly in the sink.

It’s nice to have a fresh set of washcloths available for baby baths. A set that hasn’t already been used by all the other siblings. : )

My friend Tania gives out the cutest hooded towels as baby gifts. I have two (one was given to Oscar and one to Betty). If you don’t have a friend like Tania, you can find hooded towels on etsy or pretty much any store with baby supplies.

Baby wash and baby lotion.
I like to have a bottle of each on hand. Remember the pretty basket of Erbaviva products? I’m looking forward to trying them out. My favorite drug-store brand for baby is Aveeno. Oh. And I’ve only tried their lip balm, but I’m guessing the rest of Baby Bear Shop’s products are just as terrific.

Baby Scrub Brush.
I don’t know if these have an official name. I don’t think I’ve ever even purchased one, because the hospital has always sent one home with me. Anyway. My babies are prone to cradle cap, and the soft little scrub brush takes care of it easily.

Want to try cloth diapers? Here’s a really helpful post Guest Mom Amy wrote. I still haven’t converted (should I even admit that the day before Earth Day? Yikes.) For my newborns, I like the tiny Huggies diapers with the cut-out piece for the umbilical cord.

Until the baby is ready for solid foods, I fill my wipes container with plain old damp paper towels. But I still keep regular baby wipes around for all sorts of things. Even when my babies are out of diapers, I keep a travel-size container of wipes in my purse — it’s like having a sink with you.

Diaper Ointment.
Every single one of my babies has had a diaper rash at least once. So I like to have a tube of diaper ointment on hand. There are natural versions, and old school stuff like Desitin. Whatever type you prefer, definitely buy the big tube/tub/bottle, because diaper ointment works best if you use a thick, thick coat.

Your turn, Dear Readers. What’s on your bathing/diapering list? Do you use cloth diapers? Have a favorite brand of disposable? Any tips for diaper rash? Do you use a baby bath?

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  1. didn’t read through all of these to see if this tip was already here, but in germany, where i had my first 2, they recommend squeezing a bit breast milk on the umbilical cord while it is healing (esp after it falls off). you can also express a little extra milk and use it on baby acne or if you have lots extra, put it in the baby’s bath for happy baby skin!

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