Another French Cottage, But It’s Already Fixed Up!

After posting cottage prices last week, I’ve been getting emails from readers who are curious about buying property in this region of France. With good reason! It’s definitely a buyer’s market right now. But many people want to know if there are any cottages available that don’t need an overhaul — that have already been redone.

Which made me think of the charming cottage pictured here! It was purchased and lovingly revitalized by a couple from England (I know them from church). The couple is moving back to England to spend more time with their grandkids and have decided to sell.

The property is amazing. The kitchen, living room and bedroom have all been redone. The garden is full of fruits and flowers — apple trees, raspberries, blackberries. Ivy grows happily up the stone walls. And it’s very near the charming town of Carrouges, home of a super cool castle and one of our favorite cheeses.

There is plenty of storage and barn space, like behind the green door above. FYI: Here in the countryside, empty barns that are attached to homes act as garages, filled with bikes and gardening tools and tennis rackets. We park our vintage Renault in a barn at our house.

And the property includes a terrific outbuilding (the photo with the brown door). The outbuilding could be turned into a guest house or an artist’s studio. It’s super inspiring and gets my imagination going whenever we visit.

But maybe the most inspiring thing is the views of the countryside from the cottage. Rolling hills, fields and forests. Gorgeous!

And all the work is done.

Of course, that means the price goes up! A cottage like this is listed for 199,000 euros (which is approx $280,000 depending on today’s exchange rate). Not a bad deal for a nice-sized slice of the French countryside. You can see the full house listing, plus interior pics, here.

P.S. — For those who are seriously shopping, if you don’t speak French, a house like this is extra-dreamy, because the sellers will be easy to communicate with. Even better, you can contact the owners directly and get a price that’s 10,000 euros less (because no agency fees). If you do want to contact the owners, just let me know and I’ll send you their email address.

11 thoughts on “Another French Cottage, But It’s Already Fixed Up!”

  1. I love seeing all of these beautiful homes! I’m itching to pick up and move. Buying a tiny, awful studio apartment in New York City for that price is laughable. Literally impossible. So seeing a cottage in France with that price tag is so incredible to me!!! I’m sold!

  2. On past road trips in the south of France, we would always pass by these lovely little cottages in the countryside covered with ivy… this one looks so dreamy!

  3. I spent some time in France a few years ago, and stayed in an adorable little country cottage. It was 90 minutes northeast of Toulouse, and honestly one of the quietest, most peaceful places I have ever been in. The hills! The sunsets! Oh, France is calling my name again….

    (Thanks for providing little crumbs of Europe love :)

  4. amazing that this house, so near Paris would be such a bargain. A comparable house down south (where we ARE looking) would be 3 times that much, even in the west (non-provence) part! wow.

  5. Oh I wish, but at the moment I am dreaming of something like that in the UK. We lived in Italy when I was first married, so maybe there too. Our oldest was born there, and she’s going to be graduating in May. I have said forever that when she graduates I want to take her back. Not sure we’ll get the chance, but I am still hoping. Really aching to go back to Europe, even had my husband try looking for a job there, but nothing panned out. Maybe when he gets his doctorate finished.
    I always think about you when I think of living overseas (since I’ve come across your blog a few months ago).

  6. We are excited about all of your homes and activities and travel plans etc.Etc.
    What a marvelous adventure you’re having and will continue to have. I appreciate and love the French country side just from reading Design Mom. You know how to appreciate and enjoy and make friends and learn and serve and smile and laugh– Such a joy to be connected!

    Love you all!

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