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Hello Friends. How are you? No but really. How are you holding up? This week feels like it’s been a full month at least, but also flew by in like five minutes? I could swear I was writing last week’s link list earlier today. My sense of time is totally out of whack.

Nothing major to report here. More baking, more wallpaper-peeling, more schoolwork, more time on Pinterest thinking about bathroom designs — and a surprising amount of work deadlines too. Maude has been practicing painting while she stays-at-home in Berkeley, and she sent me the image above. It made me happy. How about you? Anything you’re in the mood to report?

I’m going to jump right in to the link list. Here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share with you:

-Thoughts? How Coronavirus Exposes the Great Lie of Modern Motherhood. For too long, mothers have been held responsible for every aspect of their children’s well-being.

-Men are much more likely to die from coronavirus — but why?

-Must read: The president is trapped.

-Another must read from the Atlantic: How the Pandemic Will End.

-A person on Twitter named Kat dedicated a poem to me. It’s really good.

-“In minimizing the danger of coronavirus and failing to act with requisite urgency, the Trump administration foisted a catastrophic strategic surprise on the U.S. — which, even compared with Pearl Harbor and 9/11, was the result of unprecedented indifference and negligence.”

-A Sewing Army, Making Masks for America.

-There Is No Paycheck for Your Life’s Work. A pandemic reminds us that work-life balance was always out of reach.

-Being snobby about romance novels.

-The coronavirus isn’t mutating quickly, suggesting a vaccine would offer lasting protection. (That counts as good news, right?)

-Just sent Ralph, who is staying-at-home at a cousin’s house, his favorite kind of pillow. Anyone else far from your kids?

Here are some tweets I saved for you:

-Brilliant. Sew buttons on headbands to save the ears of our health care workers.

Our leaders lied to us.

-Anyone else feeling exhausted?

-Thumbs down to perverse American Exceptionalism.

This is troubling.

-Oh my word this thread makes me scream.

-A thread on how to tackle testing.

-Sometimes I think about this.

386 compared to 99,000.

-He’s hiding the size of the outbreak.

-Hah! Joe Buck does play-by-plays for the dog and kid videos people send him.

-The best thing on the internet this week.

I hope you have a good weekend. Stay safe and quarantined please. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


8 thoughts on “A Few Things”

  1. Thank you for ending all of this with that sweet little girl. I had seen this video earlier, and then went down the rabbit hole that is her youtube channel, and just mercy, what a saving grace she has become.

  2. That last piece with the little girls singing…tears.
    And I am ever grateful for all the wonderful links you share and find! Thank you!

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  4. The dog play-by-play was so funny, and the little girl singing (and her awesome guitar!) was so sweet. I’m smiling and crying. :)

    Maude’s watercolors are beautiful!

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