What to Wear to 7th Grade – Euro Edition

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This is 12-year-old Maude. Looking fantastic! Maude looks good in everything and she loves experimenting with clothes so it’s nothing but joy when we put together outfits for her.

This year, she did quite a bit of shopping from Ralph’s closet. Trashed jeans (we’re calling them boyfriend jeans), flannel trousers that happen to fit wonderfully at the waist, a necktie for a belt, a chambray button down and a heather grey polo — all items Ralph had outgrown and Maude adopted.

What do you think? Would your daughters like these clothes for middle school? Are these as Euro as Ralph’s looks? Find the whole series here.

– Tee with tan stripes, teal scarf, silver flats, ankle boots from Okaidi.
– Suede sneakers by Eram.
– Grey cableknit tights from Target (last year).
– Brown silk dress, black tights, navy blue jeans, grey sweater with white stripes, red polka-dot scarf from Zara Kids. Tweed shorts from Zara Kids (last year).
– Floral print cotton blouse and army green ankle zipper pants from H&M Kids.
– Navy ruffle dress (worn under grey polo shirt) and cream cardigan by GapKids (from last Christmas).
– Scarf with tan edging from Girl’s Camp.
– Black ruffle edge turtleneck from Old Navy (two Christmas’s ago).
– Red stripey tights from amazon (for this Halloween costume).
– legwarmers from my closet. Don’t know the brand – my Jennifer gave them to me a few years ago.

From Ralph’s closet:
– wool v-neck sweater by Benetton.
– chambray button-down by Lands’ End.
– heather grey polo shirt by Lacoste.
– flannel pants by Children’s Place.
– necktie (skinnified) by Ralph Lauren.
– boyfriend jeans by Abercrombie.

77 thoughts on “What to Wear to 7th Grade – Euro Edition”

  1. She looks great! The first outfit has to be my favorite, I just love it, but the brown dress is a close second (so classic and chic), and I love both the flannel trousers with tie and Ralph’s jeans with tights.

  2. Wow, what a beauty. She looks so stylish and unique!

    I read your post re: how you go about putting together outfits. I wonder if there is a certain number of outfits you aim for?

    1. Yes. Not too many! An overstuffed closet is not helpful for kids. We aim for 5 good outfits for school. Some laidback stuff for the weekend and something appropriate for church. If some of it can be mixed and matched to create alternative outfits, that’s ideal.

  3. I love that Maude is super stylish and still retaining her innocence! Thanks for showing that kids can be cool and attractive without being sexy. Also, very nice that the wardrobe is so budget friendly.

  4. Love!

    Now we just need what to wear for the 30 something crowd, because i am starting to think that some of these 7th grade outfit would flatter moi :-)

  5. one of my most indestructible basics is a skirt i got for a 12th birthday present — i think it may have been 20 dollars at old navy at the time (back when old navy was new). that was EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO. [i realized that today when i put it on and nearly went into cardiac arrest] but i digress. what i’m trying to say is that late middle school is really the age at which you start acquiring pieces that will fit, admittedly differently, for the rest of your life. there are random pieces i still have from this time – this skirt, for instance, which is a little above-the-knee (now short, but not too short) wrap pleated skirt. i moved the buttons once in college and haven’t done anything to it since, besides wear the life out of it. what i really love best about everything the older kids have acquired for this year is that all of it has makings of basics they’ll hang on to forever – or at least until the item dies beyond resurrection. a+ on wardrobes for growing.

  6. Maude looks so amazing! If only my sense of fashion came into play when I was in middle school. All I wore were things from Limited Too–imagine the glitter, and the cartoon puppies! The horror! Be careful Maude, I foresee love letter galore.

    P.S. I want a pair of those ankle boots for myself!

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