What to Wear to 4th/5th Grade – Euro Edition

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Olive’s Turn! Olive Jean Blair is delightful. She adores color and we did our best to work it in amongst the navy and grey and neutrals. As you might guess, Olive’s wardrobe is peppered with hand-me-downs from Maude — but we always make sure to work in a few new things that are especially for her.

Today is the first day of school and she’s wearing the yellow tights outfit. It’s my favorite! The navy “jacket” with the buttons and zips is actually quite lightweight and functions as a shirt or a cardigan. She looks fantastic in the outfit (and in everything she wears).

What do you think? Still Euro-looking? Or is Olive’s wardrobe more “American”? Find the whole series here.

– Military jacket by Z Enfant.
– Grey flannel pleated skirt, yellow tights, grey peacoat by H&M Kids.
– Polka dot socks, grey embellished tee from Zara Kids.
– Yellow stripe scarf, blue stripe neckerchief from Polarn O. Pyret.
– Jeans, purple/green outfit, cream dress by DPAM (purple/green outfit was from last year, she wore part of it, over the cream dress, in our Family Photos).
– Navy hi-tops and blue bow-tie flats from Eram.
– Western shirt from last year’s school clothes.

Hand-me-downs from Maude:
Short-sleeve tie-front hoodie
Denim button-down
– Grey boots (from Target)
– Black Adidas
Creme Cardigan
– Black jeans (from Old Navy)
– Navy jumper, red stripe sweater and red knee socks (all from GapKids)

55 thoughts on “What to Wear to 4th/5th Grade – Euro Edition”

  1. Love your children’s clothing for fall; they have such a classic look! Wish American kids/parents would do away with graphic t-shirts for school wear.
    Could you do a post about what French women are wearing for the fall? Maybe your own wardrobe.

  2. I love how you and your kids put outfits together. Just a small suggestion, it would be nice to see a full body shot of each outfit to see how each piece works together in full. I loved how you did it last year, but then include these close ups as well because they are fabulous.

    1. Good question, Margaret. She’s not in a combined class, but she was in Colorado, and because of where her birthday falls, she’s been in different grade depending on which school district we live in and their deadlines. So, if we move back to the States mid-school year (like our original plan), we’re not sure if we’ll put her in 4th or 5th grade. It will depend on the school. For her sake, we’re keeping the label vague.

  3. Oh my goodness, that navy jackets is FANTASTIC on her!! I love it, especially with the rest of the outfit. So cool. I think the grayed lavender outfit is so pretty, too…that and the scarf seem more Euro to me than the rest. Loving all of the kids’ outfits! How fun for them to have you as a mom to help them find their own styles!

    1. my girls in australia are in composite classes nearly every year because they go to a small school. Grades are mixed here often if you dont meet the required numbers for class which is around 25.

      Also if you have 35 students to be in grade 1 or whatever you have 10 too many for one class but only 10 leftover will not get their own teacher or even if you spilt it half 15-20 students is considered too small (ie a waste of government money!!!) they wont allow a teacher to teach so few so they add extras the from grades below or above.

      Its a balancing act our school does each year. I’ve found it to be a good experience esp when your children are the younger ones they get to learn higher material or if your kid is a little behind you can recommend they go in the composite class with a younger grade.

  4. the jacket is stunning. where to find it?
    once again–wonderful styling. question–do they wear more than those outfits, or the same pieces mixed again and again? i might be tired of them by february!

  5. I think these are my favorite clothes so far. Gorgeous! I love the pleated skirt, yellow scarf, shirt with a bow on the side…love it all. She’s seriously cute. I think she looks so much like your husband, too.

  6. I agree with a previous post. I’d love to hear about what trends, style tips you see from the women for fall. Have you put together your fall wardrobe?

    Olive is adorable! I love the boosts of color in her fall outfit selections.

  7. Gorgeous! More youthful than the Ralph and Maude, but still coordinated and lovely. I especially love the final outfit, with the red striped shirt and the red dotted socks. What a doll!

  8. Question:
    Did your kids or do your kids ever go through a phase when they wanted to wear characters. ie. cinderella, elmo, sponge bob etc., and if so, how did you handle that?

    1. I don’t know. That’s a good question. I haven’t noticed any difficulty on the part of the French. Although I have the darndest time saying Blair with a French accent. : )

  9. Olive is so cute! I want her lavender top, her grey boots (if they do them in adult size!), her military jacket and her stripey shirt. And the polka dots socks. And I just realized I need a yellow scarf! She must feel so confident, relaxed and comfortable in her outfits…

  10. I’ve never commented before, but I really like your blog. I just wanted to say I really like Olive’s slouchy grey boots with the buttons because I have the same pair!! :) I bought them at a thrift store and they *might* be a kids size but I have small feet so I’m not sure! Love them though!

  11. Wonderful outfits! I do have one question, though: do all your children honestly hand-pick these neutrals??? I have four children and I would love to dress them in [affordable] European sophistication but every time we shop together, they all gravitate toward the one hot pink/purple/rainbow/monster truck item in the store that is so blaringly tacky it just cannot be salvaged with any amount of surrounding beige accessories! And if I ever buy my daughters things they don’t pick themselves, they are much more likely to pass those items over when they dress in the morning and I feel like I’ve wasted $. Any suggestions? Should I just let them pick their sparkle unicorn T’s and be fine with it? :) How do you gently nudge your children in a less-traveled fashion direction?

  12. LOVING the “What to wear” series! I know baby June isn’t going “Back to school” but I’d love to see what she is wearing this fall too! ;o)

  13. Can you go ahead and get two more sets of those clothes? One in my size and one for my 5th grader. So friggin cute!! I love the yellow with the blue and grey. And I love the bright tights with the skirt, one of my favorite things I saw all over the streets of Paris.

  14. Olive looks adorable, and her hairstyle is just perfect! To me she does look European, particularly in the last shot, which could be straight out of a vintage European move (I’m thinking German or Swedish, but could just as easily be French). All of these outfits are great–I agree these may be my favorites so far.

  15. I think Olive looks very French. She could be in a story or from a French movie, especially with her adorable hairstyle. She looks like a little girl, but still chic. Hope it’s a great year for her!

  16. I love how Olive’s outfits are just as fashionable as her older siblings but still have a younger feel. She is absolutely adorable and you can feel her style pushing through – love the neutrals and hot pops of colour. Going to show this to my daughter who is going into grade 4 in Canada – Olive’s layering is what I really want her to notice. Such a great way to let individuality come through. What a fun process!

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