What to Wear to 6th Grade

Button down by Peek. Tee by Old Navy. Jeans by H&M;. Red sneakers by Adidas.

At your request, here is 11-year-old Ralph showing off his back-to-school wardrobe. Today is his first day of middle school (gulp). We’ve spent the last 24 hours practicing the right-left-skip-the-number-right-padlock-unlocking-method so he won’t get frustrated when he encounters his locker combination. Oh man! I hope he loves school this year.

I’ve included source links where applicable. As with Maude, much of the wardrobe pictured here was already in Ralph’s closet. But boy clothes are pretty easy — I’m betting you can find similar items to the ones shown here at a dozen different stores.

You can see more of Ralph’s photo shoot here. (Also. I’ll post Olive’s B2S wardrobe in the next couple of days.)

Button down by Mossimo for Target. Ringer tee by Old Navy. Jeans by GapKids. Backpack by Ekco. Tie-dye tee by Maude Blair. Cargo shorts by Mossimo for Target. Black Sneakers by Adidas.

Printed polo by Wes & Willy from Juvie. Plaid shorts by Gymboree. Superman tee by Old Navy. Brown herringbone trousers by GapKids.

Tee by Old Navy. Track jacket by Peek Aren’t You Curious. Screened tee by Peek. Khakis by GapKids.

Green polo by Lacoste. Denim cargo shorts by Mossimo for Target. Batman tee by Old Navy. Jeans by H&M.;

24 thoughts on “What to Wear to 6th Grade”

  1. so stylin! what a fun mom you are too! my mom sent me to 6th grade in pink corduroy pants and a matching plaid shirt that had one of those "bolo" ties attached….actually it might have just been a bow. needless to say…..I was never in the in crowd…..

  2. Gabrielle….you never cease to amaze me with your style. Your kids are just too darn cute!! I changed schools a bunch of times when I was in Elementary, Middle and High School which can be very nerve-wracking. I bet the kids have a fantastic year and of course, will look so great at the same time!!

  3. So stylin Ralph! You look great. My oldest is starting middle school too, and he picked out the same black shoes as you. It make us moms a little sad, but it's awesome that you're off to new adventures. Best of luck!

  4. I love this..thank you. I want to do something similar with my boys, print the photos off and have them in a book for them to look through to put ideas together for their wardrobe. They are going into grade 2 and 4 and could use some fashion help. Thanks again for another great tip.

  5. Wow! Thanks for responding to the 'boy inspiration' request! I too love the red shoes. And the excellent modelling by Ralph. Best wishes for the new school year.

  6. Let's hear it for the boys! Thanks for sharing a photo shoot of your son – you don't see older boys styling in clothes very often. This parent appreciates it :)

  7. I could never get tired of seeing photos of your beautiful,stylish, well-adjusted children. thanks millions for sharing!
    julia b

  8. Honestly I’m a6th grade girl and I think they appropriate attire for a boy is basket ball shorts or skinny jeans annd a DC shirt some kind off brand name shirt high socks (to the middle of the shin) and van shoes

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