What to Wear to 5th Grade

Gray henley and leggings by Poof. Denim mini by Hydraulic. Plaid scarf by Passport Accessories.

It’s been so much fun putting together a back-to-school wardrobe for 10-year-old Maude this year. She’s had more opinions and ideas about what she wants to wear than ever before. Today she had the idea to put together some of her outfits and model them for the camera. Doesn’t she look amazing? I love how flexible everything is — there are 9 outfits here and she could come up with another dozen combos from this stuff.

For those wondering if we broke the bank, we spent about $100 on new clothes (I had the best luck at TJMaxx) and $50 on new shoes. Everything else was already in her closet. You can find more images from our living room photoshoot here.

Plaid top by Chaps. Skirt by Peek. (Francie Pants underneath the skirt.) Cardigan by If It Were Me. Stripe tee and cargo pants by Old Navy.

Hoodie sweater by Pink Republic. Yellow tee and polka-dot leggings by Old Navy. Plaid dress by She’s The One. Skinny jeans – Sqin by H&M;.

Yellow jacket by Ismodern. Jean shorts by Old Navy.

Feather printed top by Kiddo. Cropped pants by Jean Bourget at Juvie. Houndstooth capris by Gymboree.

Mock turtleneck by Target. Shrug by Seven Smooches.

I’ve listed sources (and links where I can), but as I mentioned above, at least 50% of the clothes pictured were already in her closet — so they probably won’t be available in stores any longer.

Maude is shown barefoot because we’re still waiting for her shoes to arrive. This year she’ll have 3 pairs to choose from. These Converse from Zappos and these black sporty shoes from Payless. Plus, she has a pair of cute brown and turquoise Asics that are still in good shape — we just need to replace the laces. The only thing left to buy: a backpack.

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  1. Maude looks great! I just got back from New York last night, and the funny thing is, I bought the "if it were me" cream cardigan, a denim mini by "Paper/Denim/Cloth", the plaid "Chaps" blouse, and lawn green Converse for my 5th grade daughter, too!! The irony!

  2. oh my gosh. she looks so stylish. i'm 23 and i'd wear some of those outfits (: i remember when i was in fifth grade i would steal my brother's jeans (because my mom wouldn't let me buy baggy jeans) and wear boxers under my jeans. and a white t-shirt with an oversized plaid flannel over it. haha.

    good bargain buying too!

  3. Sloan is 9 & at that age too. I used my Gymbucks and purchased 7 basics for a little over $50. I've filled in the rest of her back to school needs at three local thrift stores. Can't help myself when I'm finding new with tags gap, old navy & Abercrombie clothes for her to wear.

    I love your daughters outfit combos. She has a fun sense of style.

  4. I just had a friend come over and help my soon to be middle schooler figure out her wardrobe. We took pictures also (but not nearly as fun as yours.) Now she has a couple of sheets of thumbnail pics to peruse before getting dresses in the morning.

  5. I have to say… From personal experience, those have got to be the most comfortable shoes ever. I've worn a pair out, and have seriously thought several times about buying another pair!

  6. This is so fun… And today, I did the same thing! I pulled out my school clothes and tried them all on and mixed and matched them… And took photos (unfortunately mine aren't as nice because I used photo booth from my mac and my messing living room is in the background :). So while she's getting ready for what she'll where to 5th grade, so am I (except I'm going as a 5th grade teacher rather than a student!)

    Looks like she'll have a stylish year! 5th grade is a blast!!

  7. If you aren't already, you should look into having her model. She's a gem in front of the camera – and I love her style. Seriously so cute. :)

  8. Thank you! My daughter FINALLY agreed to try leggings and a skirt for school after seeing how cute Maude looks! She's adorable, and such a happy model.

  9. how cute is she…love all the outfits, my 9 year old daughter would love Maude's style…lucky for me, she has to wear a uniform to school.

  10. She has a great eye! I really like all the looks she's chosen.

    Maybe I'll plan a shoot with my soon-to-be 7-year-old son. He would love to model for the camera :)

  11. Wow! She looks so stylish. My 5th grader has upgraded to a tailored polo from her regular football t-shirts. So I'm just going to have to be happy with that. i might have to check out TJ Maxx maybe i can get some good deals for my younger fashionistas.

  12. Please Please Please say you are going to do a "what to wear to middle school!" My oldest is the same age as Ralph (also a boy), and we're trying to figure out what's "cool" for middle school
    Pretty Please!

  13. You have no idea how much this has helped. This morning, as soon as she d-r-a-g-s herself out of bed, I am plunking her down in front of your blog so she can be equally inspired! Your daughter has such great style!

  14. Awesome. I've been meaning to do this with my 10-year-old as well to see if she has everything she needs. Maude looks so great and thought of some good combinations. I hope she loves 5th grade.

  15. Such cute outfits…and original….LOVE the green plaid! I was just talking with my niece as her daughter is starting school and will be wearing a uniform…how she and my own kids picked them up off the floor and wore them then came home threw them on the floor and repeated until Friday!

  16. That is one stylish 5th grader you have there. She puts me to shame. My 10 year old daughter only wants to wear gym shorts and t-shirts. Sigh, she is starting to show a little bit more interest in fashion, but it is slow in coming.

  17. My oldest is beginning 5th grade, and I, too, find it exciting that she's aware of herself and what she does (and does not) want to wear.

    Love those Juvie pants — just ordered some.

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