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Want a little tour of a high/low French antique store? Last week, our friends Sandi & Mark introduced us to an amazing shop called L’Horloge Penchée (it means leaning clock). It’s about 40 minutes from our town. Oh my goodness we found so many treasures! So many bargains!

If you’re ever visiting France and making the trek from Paris to the D-Day Beaches, this is right on the way and totally worth a stop. It’s a massive store with lots of little corners to explore. And please be aware, this is a mini-tour. Check out my Antiques Highlight for a much more thorough tour, including over 80 photos.

Sandi spotted this gorgeous armoire minutes after getting out the car. It was 50 euros (($56) and I love the shape and size. So handsome. We didn’t buy a ton, but we did buy this! You can see it with the doors closed in the full tour.

I was completely smitten with this blue birdcage that was as tall as I am (or maybe taller). We don’t have any birds, but I would be tempted to adopt some just for an excuse to have this pretty thing in our house. (I didn’t note the price for this.)

There were quite a few old metal bins and buckets available — all with that lovely aged patina. Prices ranged from 15 euros for the smaller ones, to 25 euros for the bigger ones.

This child’s desk is a total charmer. Three little drawers! All wood! And only 25 euros. My kiddos are too big for this now, but it will be treasure for someone.

There was a good selection of silverware and crystal. There were whole collections, and individual pieces too.

Stashed under a random table was a messy stack of linens that I might have ignored, but Sandi started going through it and found this lovely linen nightgown — which I bought! I soaked it in vinegar and water overnight, then washed it on the delicate cycle and it came out beautifully. A perfect summer nightgown.

There were many dishware collections throughout the store. Some were bone china and expensive, and others were more basic. I thought this mid-century set was terrific.

Here’s a little book of postcards featuring Mont St. Michel for one euro.

One of the areas I’d like to go back and explore was the artwork. There is a whole aisle of prints and framed pieces — lots of originals. I’m sure there are some treasures hidden there.

Throughout the store I had to keep remembering to look up, because there were light fixtures all over the place. This chandelier is one I keep thinking about. I may go back for it. I believe it’s 235 euros.

Outside, there were tons of planters in a wide variety of styles. You can see more in the full tour.

It was such a fun visit! We ended up buying the armoire and the nightgown (which I showed you above), a simple wood table with extensions — which we will probably use as a project table in the small studio/office. We also bought an old ceramic camping stove (not sure if we can get it to work, but we’re going to try!), and Flora June picked out a vintage Paris souvenir calendar.

We brought the small items with us in the car, and the bigger pieces will be delivered in a month or two. They don’t come to our town very often, but that’s fine with us — we’re not in any hurry and don’t need them until we move into the Tall House. I suppose if we need them earlier, we can rent a truck and pick them up.

If you were visiting a French shop like this, what would you be most interested in? Furniture? Home decor stuff like planters and mirrors and crates/bins? Books? Jewelry? Housewares like dishes and silverware? Chandeliers? I’d love to hear. We’ll definitely be back to look for desks for the kids, and another armoire as well.

10 thoughts on “Tour of a French Antique Store”

  1. I always leave with the same items… handkerchieves! I can not bear the idea that they’re gonna be left alone. I have a ton :-)

  2. I would like to explore art, linens, and light fixtures. I remember shopping for antique linens when I was in Paris 30 years ago. I still have a pretty white duvet cover that I use.
    I love watching your renovation house project it has such a lovely pace (I know it might feel different on your end?) and seems so unrushed and thoughtful.

  3. This place is amazing! I may have just changed the whole itinerary of my next trip to France based on it (in my mind that is – who knows when we’ll be able to travel for pleasure again, but my three year old is obsessed with Madeline and croissants and crepes – she is desperate to visit Paris!) I would mostly be into the housewares I think.

  4. Oh my, I am swooning over that armoire! Yes, please get the chandelier. It is so beautiful and I’ve never seen one with crystal balls hanging from it…I am used to typical small faceted beads or the beveled shapes that are flat. I also love the wood top cart table that the bins and buckets were sitting on. That could make a cool kitchen island.

    I would have to allow for lots of time here because I would look at everything!

  5. I saw the Cristofle silverware set on your stories and was thiiis close to emailing them and seeing if they’d ship it overseas.

  6. We have an old house and find armoires like yours the perfect storage solution. We use one as a pantry and another as a linen closet. What an amazing deal you got!

  7. Such lovely things! My 13 year daughter and I love looking at antique stores, even though it doesn’t always ‘fit’ our aesthetic. There is something completely romantic and detective-like going through those places.

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