Oscar Discovered Pacifiers

My 3 older kids all liked pacifiers for their first few months of life. Then, they discovered their thumbs and abandoned the pacifiers. But Oscar broke the mold. He didn’t like pacifiers and he didn’t suck his thumb.

Until Betty arrived.

A few weeks ago, he started taking her pacifier right from her mouth as a kind of joke. Then he experimented with chewing it for a few days. Then he figured out what it was good for. And now he’s completely addicted and I have to track down 2 pacis all day long. Oscar will be 2 in January — just the age where you want to introduce a highly addictive comfort object.

8 thoughts on “Oscar Discovered Pacifiers”

  1. All 3 of my kids have been pacifier-addicts. We finally just broke our little Oscar (fun coincidence!) of the habit about 6 months ago. He’s 3 now… but he found a binki around the house the other day and I’ve discovered him sleeping with it and carrying it around with his toys. It can be a tough habit to break! And re-break!

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