Tall House Updates

Hey there! I’ve got so many fun updates for you today. We’re been working outside, three rooms on the ground floor are officially painted, and plumbing in the entry is well on its way. I can’t wait to show you.

We spent some time clearing the Secret Garden:

Lots of fun small updates, including installing thresholds, before and after oiled floors, the laundry room ceiling being repaired, an amazing rug we found at a brocante, and cleaning out the tiny cupboard under the stairs:

The living room is painted! And we cleaned the floors and brought in a pretty table:

Figuring out plumbing for the powder room in the entry, spray painting some pipes, and getting an estimate an replacing the front doors:

More powder room updates, picking out paint to match the kitchencupboards, washing windows, and more work in the Secret Garden:

Fixing the corniche in the kitchen, and fixing the trim around the kitchen doorway:

Kitchen doorway painted, laundry room painted, and a peek of the washer and dryer — plus lots of Q&A:

A report on the new kitchen island (and more Q&A):

We’re so close now that we’ve even started moving things over. In fact, we moved an armoire into the attic storage room and today we moved over a couple of boxes and filled the armoire. Very exciting!

P.S. — More Tall House updates.

5 thoughts on “Tall House Updates”

  1. This is such a cool project and fun to see if gradually come together. It’s unbelievable how many tiny details there are to consider! I wonder how many similar-age houses in France have been renovated with this level of care. I wonder what the typical French reno encompasses (e.g. in my city, it would typically be wide-plank glossy dark wood floors, white kitchen, grey paint everywhere). I would love to tour every house on your block for comparison.

  2. I love watching the tall house come together! Feels like I was able to travel to France even while quarantined at home.

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