Tall House Updates

It’s been another big week on the renovation front and I’m feeling so good. The woodwork in Betty’s room is now installed. We painted Flora June’s bed. Light switches and outlets are on the walls (and they’re gorgeous!). Oh — and we also found out the living room has false walls. Come see what we’ve been up to.

The false walls in the Living Room:

Flora June’s adorable bed:

Electrical updates, plus painting the stairs and landings:

Painting stair borders, stripping metal hardware on doors, carpentry in Betty’s room begins, and some laundry room progress:

More carpentry in Betty’s room, priming the landing, more laundry room progress, and a shot of the glass shower panel:

We’re getting closer and closer to moving in. It’s very exciting! And also very time consuming. Hah! I am over at the Tall House working on house projects, or meeting with tradespeople, from 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening, pretty much every day. It’s not a sustainable schedule, but hopefully it’s only for another week or so, and then we can slow things back down.

P.S. — More Tall House updates.

4 thoughts on “Tall House Updates”

  1. Oh how intriguing the false wall is. Thank you for sharing so much of the renovation – I enjoy seeing what you have accomplished. I’m curious as to how much construction noise your neighbors can hear.

  2. It is so satisfying to see these progress (which is crazy, beacuse I don’t know you!!); at least I have the feeling that someone is accomplishing something right now ;-).
    Of course it is time consuming, but the results are there! Bravo and all of you must be so excited to be moving in soon! Will you miss your current house?

  3. I have really loved all of these updates. I love the nitty-gritty and the discussion of why you’re working in the order you are. Thanks for bringing us along on this journey!

  4. I’m interested more in the switches! So it’s like an old fashion toggle? I will view again. Tres chic!

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