Tall House Updates

We’ve had some fun and busy days at the Tall House over the last week. And a big discovery too! I shared all the details on Instagram Stories, and I’m sharing the slides here as well.

Lots to tell you! Watch these slides to see the discovery we made in the entryway/dining room. I also go over some of our plans for wood trim in the kids bedrooms, and I show you the beginnings of the powder room and utility closet that is being added on the ground floor. (And there’s an adorably dog!)

In these slides you can see the asphalt demolition and oh my gosh is it satisfying.

Can you believe this herringbone brick floor was hiding there, waiting to be discovered? Finding the bricks felt like a wonderful gift from the house itself.

We have a source for reclaimed bricks, so our plan is to add bricks where they are missing. The trick now is figuring out when Christophe the mason is available. He’s so good that’s he’s booked through May! But he lives nearby and can sometimes fit in small projects. I’m not sure if he would consider this a small project, but we’ll ask him. And if he’s not available, hopefully he’ll have someone to recommend.

P.S. — More Tall House updates.

6 thoughts on “Tall House Updates”

  1. During the 1968 student uprising in Paris, a slogan was ‘under the cobblestones the beach’. In your house it’s ‘under the asphalt the bricks, under the bricks the cobblestones’!

  2. It is so fun following along. I don’t know if you’ve commented on it elsewhere, but how did you find all the tradespeople? Are they all fluent in English or are you getting good at construction French?

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