Taking Off

Phew, I can hardly believe we made it. Today we’re boarding the plane (all 8 of us!) and embarking on our adventure to France. Send happy thoughts our way for our kids to survive the entire flight. Hopefully the iPad doesn’t get old. : )

The pretty photo is from Cori Kindred, the plane just needs to be directed slightly south.

And don’t worry, I have a lot more great guest posts lined up so there won’t be any radio silence.

73 thoughts on “Taking Off”

  1. Wishing you safe, safe, smooth travels and tons of fun settling into your new French home!! It sounds like no one could be more prepared; I’m sure all of your organization will help you all enjoy your amazing experience to the fullest!

  2. Good luck!!! We are thinking of you. Have a wonderful adventure! This will surely be a highlight of your kid’s childhood. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.

  3. Stephanie Smirnov

    Gabby, safe travels. I absolutely can’t wait to see and hear all that you have to share once you’re settled in France.

  4. Wow! That did go by fast! It seems like just yesterday you were posting a beautiful French cottage saying you could totally do this! And look, there you are! Just keep dreaming big!

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