Taking Off

Phew, I can hardly believe we made it. Today we’re boarding the plane (all 8 of us!) and embarking on our adventure to France. Send happy thoughts our way for our kids to survive the entire flight. Hopefully the iPad doesn’t get old. : )

The pretty photo is from Cori Kindred, the plane just needs to be directed slightly south.

And don’t worry, I have a lot more great guest posts lined up so there won’t be any radio silence.

73 thoughts on “Taking Off”

  1. Good luck Gabby! I’m sure the kids will do great on the trip– can’t wait to see pictures of them seeing their new “chateau” for the first time!

  2. Bonne voyage! Hope you are able to settle in quickly. I am drooling thinking of all the wonderful bread, cheese & wine you will get to enjoy over there!

  3. Oh, the places you’ll go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost feels like I’m getting to go, too… as I know how great you’ll be at blogging about it :)

    Bon Voyage!!!!!!!!

  4. Bon courage, both on the long flight and in getting settled! Very excited to read all about your family’s adventures while you’re overseas.

  5. Rose D. NJ, USA

    Wishing you a safe voyage to your new life and looking forward to hearing all about it!!! Blessings to you all… ~rose

  6. safe travels Blair family. thanks for taking us on your family adventure. I can’t wait to hear about the settling in process. bon voyage!

  7. You’re moving to France, oooh la la! What exciting times for you! I have a friend who moved there several years ago and I can’t help but envy her charmed life in that glorious place. Have a safe journey and can’t wait to hear about your adventures in France!

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