Strings on Jars

My collection of yogurt cups is getting out of hand. But these string-covered jars might have me inspired. If I figure out something lovely to make, I’ll let you know. : )

15 thoughts on “Strings on Jars”

  1. oh…you can send them my way…seriously. i would love them…we need jars for our tea lights to light up our whole backyard garden!

  2. Thanks for showing those string-wrapped jars. I’ve been asked to come up with centerpieces for a Memorial Day breakfast at church and was thinking of doing a collection of 3 mason jars each wrapped with red, yellow or blue yarn and a flag sticking out of the top of the largest one. It seemed cute in my mind, but I hadn’t gotten around to trying it out yet. I’m glad to see how cute the wrapped string really looks!

  3. I buy my yogurt in glass jars from the farmer’s market, and have way too many too! They’re in my pantry, storing bulk items. They’re in my tupperware drawer, waiting to store leftovers. They’re on the toolbench, storing screws and nails and tacks. I’ve turned some into vases, I’ve used some as gift-giving vessels, I’ve given some to my son to store his various collections of small toys, I’ve given some to my boy friend who is making outdoor lights with them. And then, it finally occurred to me that I could probably take my empties back to the farmer’s market to recycle. Of course, the booth where I get my yogurt is happy to have them back for reuse. (But I’m kind of glad I didn’t think of it sooner, because I’ve found some really great uses for them around the house!)

  4. LOVE the French yogurt jars, but I just finished reading the original post about them that you linked to, and it seems that many readers think that the French are not using plastic for their yogurt. I just want to point out that as environmentally ahead of the game as the French seem to be (bring your own bag to the market, community recycling is the norm, glass and pottery pots for yogurt, etc) there are many, many, many brands of yogurt in France that come in plastic pots, just like here. What is different is that here in the US, it is unusual to find yogurt at the grocery in anything BUT plastic. Also, in France, the grocery aisle for yogert is HUGE! You could spend a lifetime tasting them all. YUM!

  5. So . . . I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but a French yogurt jar giveaway might just be in order, if your collection is really indeed getting out of hand . . . as if such a thing could ever happen!

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