La Cressonnière: Ralph’s Bedroom

Would you like to see what Ralph’s bedroom here in France looks like? I’ve got lots of photos to share!

When you come in the room, the first thing you see is his bed. It’s a beautiful antique piece with turned wooden spindles. The side folds down so that you can climb in easily. It’s actually intended to be for a child in the 5 to 11 range — much bigger than a crib, but a bit shorter than a twin. Ralph isn’t the tallest kid his age, so he actually fits just fine. Although. He’s totally had a growth spurt since we arrived here — his pants are floods all of a sudden! So I think he may need to move out of this bed soon. : )

The second thing you see is the desk. It’s in a quiet corner next to some bookshelves. A great place to study his French conjugations. : )

Once you enter the room, you realize the entire left hand wall is actually built in cupboards.

With hand-painted details, of course.

No need for a dresser in this room. The cupboards are full of hanging rods and shelves (and lined in red paint!).

If you stand at the head of the bed and look toward the back corner, you’ll see toy bins and painted stripes on the wall.

Above the door, there is a window to the hallway that let’s in beautiful light.

Exposed beams are found on both sides of the room.

Between the desk and the bed is a small window with shutters. The shutters are lined in mirror, to multiply the light from the outside when the shutters are open.

This is Ralph’s view from his window:

Ralph really enjoys his room. He likes all the cupboard space — it makes it easy to tidy up in a hurry. : ) What do you think? Would your child like to call this room his own?

P.S. — You can find more photos tours from La Cressonnière here.

27 thoughts on “La Cressonnière: Ralph’s Bedroom”

  1. I like the cupboards too! Also, how nice for him not to have to share a room; I bet he does feel like the king of the castle!

  2. zomg best boy’s room ever! So European and classy…love it. It’s got indelible charm….I have to face it that it just all looks cuter in Europe. :D

  3. I *love* the bed! I wish I could find something similar for my son! (I’m attempting to redo our spare bedroom for our 4-year-old Henry, and then redo Henry’s room for our newborn, all before he arrives in July!…I haven’t started yet! Yikes!)

    amy @ glass confetti

  4. All the lovely details in this room–the cupboards, the paint, the exposed beams–are wonderful, but I especially love the touches–mirrored shutters, window over the door to hallway–that add more light to the room. How rare it is to find that kind of detail in today’s homes.

    And the desk…I still have one very like it, including the leg detailing, from my childhood growing up in England. Lucky Ralph.

  5. It’s not a case of ‘would you child like this?’ I’d like it! Let me live in Ralph’s room when he gets fed up of it! :)

  6. Keira Anderson

    That’s gorgeous. I love the colors and all the little details. Did you paint the cupboards yourself or did it come with the house?

  7. I think if my kids saw that darling bed they would be very tempted to move out of mine!!! So I won’t show them!!! It’s winter here and I need all the warm little sleepyheads I can get!!!

  8. Lovely room!

    I’m still curious about how many clothes you brought with you. We are moving to a small farm house and thinking this would be a good chance to simplify clothing. Any thoughts or tips on that?

    Also, bedding. It looks like it is a simple with just a fitted sheet and duvet. My boys may like to adopt that for ease in making beds.


  9. from my imagination of who ralph is (depicted from your descriptions!) this room is so perfect. what a gentleman’s room. the bed is such an interesting one, i’ve never seen it!

  10. This makes me smile! My dad built my room like this. It was a turn of the last century home, and the closet was actually fairly large for the period. He built out lots and lots of shelves for shoes, pants, boots, and tiny finishing nails for out necklaces. No need for a dresser at all.

    My mother was quite the artist in hiding, so there were many details like this as well. I’m sure if Ralph appreciates his straw hat painting, then he appreciates the entire set up. Especially the European duvet. I miss those, I just remembered.

  11. I too am curious if you made the exec decision on the rooms or if you let the kids decide (in my family that would end in tears and shouts of ‘Mine!’ but then your brood seems much better behaved than ours.)

    I ask because the rooms all seem to suit the kids so well!

  12. The boat pic in this room is my fav so far in your house. Seeing his closet made me wonder again (as I do when I see your kids in pics), do they all have great style or do you tell them what to wear? If it’s their choice, have they just learned from you over the years, or were they born with it? I just love their outfit choices!

  13. Just going through the house tour photos again, and wondering . . . have your kids switched bedrooms up at all in the last 2 years? Does Ralph still fit in that bed?! :)

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