Visit Sweden: A Quick Hello from Stockholm


Image and text by Gabrielle.

Good morning! I’m waving hello from Sweden! As I mentioned, we’ll be spending much of our time here in Gothenburg and West Sweden, but we’re starting our trip with a few days in Stockholm. Stockholm is gorgeous. Gorgeous and super cool. It’s like cool overload.

We arrived yesterday evening, checked into our hotel, then wandered around Old Town, and watched the sun set on the water. There were stages and live music, playing late into the night, all over the city. And twinkle lights hung back and forth across the cobbled streets. Pretty glorious.

Today, we’ll be getting a shopping tour of the city from the Head Designer at Polarn O. Pyret. Can’t wait to report!

P.S. — Our hotel room has a turntable and stack of records! Made me happy. We listened to the Eurythmics while we unpacked. : )

7 thoughts on “Visit Sweden: A Quick Hello from Stockholm”

  1. I’m so excited for you to be in Sweden. I hadn’t actually heard of Polarn O. Pyret until I inherited a bunch of baby clothes, and I have quite a few pieces from them. They are my new favorite pajamas, I love them! The pajamas all have extra long cuffs on the arms and legs, that make them work for a long time, and are great if it gets extra cold. Also, the prints are adorable. I hope you enjoy talking to the designer!

  2. I’m so jealous you get to meet the head designer at POP! After my time in Helsinki, it became my favorite clothing line for kids! So glad I can get it in the U.S.! Plus, not sure if you know, but they will do fundraisers with schools where a portion of sales go to the schools. Great clothes, great company!

  3. Sweden (and Scandinavia in general) is full of the most gorgeous children’s clothing. Make sure you check out some other Swedish labels such as Duns, Maxomorra, Sture & Lisa, JNY, Kram and Plastisock while you’re there. There are some pretty great Danish labels too (including Smafolk, Danefae, HJORTH, Katvig, Alba Baby and Ej Sikki Lej)My kids would live in Scandinavian clothing everyday if it was a little easier to get here :)

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